[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

A to Z prefix personalities— Birch, Blaze, Breeze, and more by Rosefern

Rosefern lists prefixes that start with B and discusses possible personalities that would fit them.

[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

Hey friends! Today is the long awaiting part 2 to A to Z prefix personalities! Today, we’re doing the letter B!
Let’s do Birch first:
When I think of “Birch” as a name I think of a sleek, well-muscled, rogue, but who is not very sure of himself. Birch would be a good hunter, and a semi- good fighter, but he doesn’t like hurting people too much, and maybe gets nervous easily. Like, he is confident of his skills until he has to use them.
Possible Warrior names: Birchhaze, Birchfeather
Next, Breeze.
Breeze sounds like it would be a she-cat, chill, easygoing, good at making friends. Breeze would be better at hunting than fighting, and do it in her free time as well. She would be the type to share prey with a few friends and chat, and likes group training over working alone. She could be very selfless and gets along with everyone.
Possible Warrior names- Breezeheart, Breezelight, Breezesong
Beetle I think would be given to a cat who was unusually small, black, and spiky-furred. This cat sounds like he would be prickly and prefer to be alone most of the time. He doesn’t like being pushed around or generally interrupted from his prescious alone time. He also doesn’t like being teased about his size. But although some might see him as prickly he also is good at thinking things through and is good at following orders. He favors hunting over fighting as it’s something he can do in solitude, and it helps him clear his mind.
Possible Warrior names- Beetlewing, Beetleclaw, Beetlehaze
When I think of Blaze for some reason I think of Blaze from WoF, who I do not like, but that’s not how I imagine Blaze. This Blaze is strong, big, and fiery ginger, with a quick temper, and excellent reflexes. He would excell in both hunting and fighting.
Possible Warrior names- Blazeshadow, Blazeheart
Okay. Boulder sounds like he would be the ultimate Dark Forest warrior wannabe. This is the kind of cats who thinks he’s super strong, when he really is not. He would probaly be a good Dark Forest recruit but he’s also kind of a whimp, like Darkstripe, and just sides with whoever’s winning. Not much more to say.
Possible Warrior names- Bouldertail, Boulderflight, Boulderstripe
I hope you enjoyed this article, and I’ll see you next time for C!

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