Happy Birthday, Sandpaw!

Good morning, good afternoon, or maybe even good evening, BlogClan! Whatever the time might be, so long as it’s May 13th, it’s Sandpaw’s birthday!

Happy birthday, Sandpaw! 🎉

In keeping with your name, I’ve chosen a slightly sandy-looking cake to celebrate. Not to worry – it’s edible! (I think.)

A round, pale blue cake decorated with ornate pale blue frosting, white chocolate sea shells and starfish, and sand made from cookie crumbs.
(image credit: thesugarbakery.com)

Well, while you grab yourself a slice of that, I hope you don’t mind if I pose you a few questions? 

Too late! I’m about to ask them anyway /lhj

Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to today? Any real-world cake to try – presents you’ve been asking for for ages? Will you be having a party, or something more low-key? Whatever the answers may be, I hope you have a wonderful day, and here’s your free second Happy Birthday! to-go B)

🍓🌾 Nettlespring (Jeri) | Rainbowpaw’s Mentor! | "A romantic"? Why, I'm the furthest thing from it! /j 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

(Don't let the moon change your mind! 🌙)


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