Happy Clanniversary, Emberdawn!

Well, folks, do I have a special announcement for you today! It’s the 11th anniversary of our beloved moderator, Emberdawn! That’s right, 11th. She joined back in 2013 and has been an absolutely phenomenal member ever since. Thank you for being amazing, Embix!

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As a traveler from the original blog, a beloved senior warrior, a former deputy, an incredible moderator, the mentor-of-moderators, a warrior cat namesake, article editor, and more, you truly do it all, Embix! You’re the linchpin that keeps this blog going, and I know this place would be a shadow of itself without you. Thank you for keeping this community the wonderful place it is with your kindness, maturity, and good natured humor. We’re all very grateful for the time and energy you have donated over the years.

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Here is your acrostic poem:






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Here’s a delicious cake to celebrate the occasion! How do I know it’s delicious? Um. Pay no heed to the missing slice!

Once again, happy clanniversary! Thank you for warming our hearts and for making the blog possible. Do you have a favorite memory from all these years? Any words of wisdom for newer members?

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