[a kitten lays on a blanket with a toy. the image has the text, "If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me."]

If Warriors Won Awards and Superlatives Part Two by Anonymous

An anonymous BlogClanner comes back with more awards to give to Warriors characters.

[a kitten lays on a blanket with a toy. the image has the text, "If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me."]
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[a kitten lays on a blanket with a toy. the image has the text, “If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me.”]

Wow! The predecessor to this article had SO much good reception! Thank you so much guys, it brings me such joy to know people not only read, but actually enjoyed my article 🙂
I was thinking about doing a part two and then a few people said I should in the comments, so here I am!
I awarded the best of the best in the previous article, so for this one, it’ll mostly be funny awards — some may also reference memes or silly moments in books. Also, if I think of any awards that I may have forgotten last time, those will be included here as well.
We’ll jump right into things!

Canines Have Feelings Too
This is a unique award for cats who were able to communicate, interact with, or show compassion towards canines.

Runner-Up: Millie

Winner: Hollyleaf
It is so sweet how Hollyleaf saved the fox kit. Even though she couldn’t communicate with words, she was able to help the little fox get back to his mother. It’s a shame he forgot about her — it would have been so cool if the foxes came back to help the Clans (like in Bramblestar’s Storm when there were all those badgers)!

Funniest Name
An award appreciating cats with humorous names.

Runner-Up: Sneezecloud

Winner: Loudbelly
This name always made me laugh. Like, is he just always hungry? Is he notorious for his growling stomach? Was he totally cool with this name? (Honestly, I headcanon that he has dad joke humor and hence thought his name was the most amazing and funniest thing ever). Graystripe is lucky he didn’t end up with this name!

Funniest Name (WarriorClan)
The WarriorClan cats have some pretty, er, creative names.

Runner-Up: Bugeater

Winner: Clawwhistle
This is just a super silly name! Especially when you look at the reasoning behind it. As Clawwhistle explained, he named himself after the whistling sound claws made as they sped through the air! Whoosh!

Survivor Award
This award goes to cats who seemed to have 900 lives.

Runner-Up: Mosspelt (seriously, how is she still alive?)

Winner: Mistystar
Mistystar seriously kept going for so long — and she never retired! I honestly hope she’s resting well in StarClan, but that probably won’t happen until the whole RiverClan crisis is solved. Anyway, StarClan must have accidentally give her an extra life or two, because she was SO old, even for a leader!

Chillest Cat
Warriors are kind of high-strung — well, most of them.

Runner-Up: Tree

Winner: Harveymoon!
Surprised ya, huh? Tree is pretty calm, but even he’s gotten worked up a few times. But Harveymoon? He’s just this pleasant little daylight warrior. Super chill and easygoing (perhaps a little TOO chill and easygoing), we don’t see much of him, but I think he deserves this award!

Hardest Worker
These cats put forth tons of effort toward their Clan!

Runner-Up: Shattered Ice (he did a lot of tunneling back on the moor, right?)

Winner: Thornclaw
Thornclaw the patrol guy! This is the kind of cat who goes on dawn and evening patrol, while also managing to catch a few pieces of prey. Thornclaw honestly deserves a round of applause for all the work he manages to keep up! *cheers* Thornclaw! Thornclaw!

Closest Littermates
This is awarded to the littermates who stick to each other’s pelts like burrs!

Runner-Ups: Petal and Fox

Winners: Squirrelstar and Leafpool
These two are so close that when they were younger, they could feel each other’s emotions! But even though that ability seemed to fade, they remained loyal through thick and thin. I mean, Squirrelstar literally lied for her sister. Whether or not that was the right thing to do, it says so much about their bond. These two sisters really love each other!

Closest Friends
These friends are so close you could mistake them for siblings!

Runner-Ups: Dustpelt and Brackenfur

Winners: Firestar and Graystripe
These two classics truly did have the deepest friendship. If it mattered to one of them, it mattered to the other. When Graystripe was captured, Firestar had a really hard time letting go of his friend — and he was so joyful when he returned. He probably would’ve gone and looked for him himself if there hadn’t been the rest of ThunderClan to look out for. And one of Graystripe’s greatest motivations for returning home was seeing his old friend, Firestar again. What a strong friendship!

Biggest Imagination
This is an award for cats with big imaginations!

Runner-Up: Monkeystar (I love the roleplaying)

Winner: Purdy!
Purdy is always telling stories that may or may not be exaggerated. Either way, they’re great entertainment! He should really have a graphic novel or novella — maybe we’ll find out if those stories are really true.

Animal Assistants
This goes to animals other than cats who still managed to help the Clans!

Runner-Up: Dappled Pelt’s spider and Shellowfang (a common nickname I’ve seen for Cinderpelt’s snail)

Winner: Midnight
Midnight foretold the destruction of the old territory, and fought against her own kin when the badgers attacked. Where would the Clans be without her?

Most Kits
These cats were the parents of many! They may even make up a third of the Clan!

Runner-Up: Jake (8 kits!)

Winners: Snowbird + Scorchfur and Clear Sky!
Yup, these cats had NINE kits (if you count Clear Sky’s adopted son, Honey Pelt). That’s a lot!

Most Beloved Side Character
Last time I mentioned memorable ones, but here are some common favorites. These characters never had any major role in the books, but we still love them!
So I looked around to see what people said, and four characters repeated the most.

Third Place: Littlecloud

Runner-Ups: Mousefur and Longtail (they were always mentioned together!)

Winner: Brackenfur!
Brackenfur’s calm, levelheaded nature definitely makes him a side character that comes to mind for me, and it seems like many others as well! There were a LOT of side characters though, so tell me if there are any others that you think may be more popular.

And now for our final and most important award…

Best Hair (thanks to Rosepaw/fern, whose comment inspired this!)
An award for that cat with the most gorgeous hair (and no- I don’t mean fur).

Runner-Up: Nobody could even come close to our winner’s lovely locks.

Winner: Ashfur!
Ashfur with his long, luxurious blonde hair… I wonder if he ever does hairdos?

Well, that wraps it up for this article! If I can think of more, I’ll do a part three (please give me award suggestions if you’re interested in that — I’ll credit you as well!). Like last time, I love hearing other opinions, so tell me if there are any you really agreed/disagreed with! (And perhaps a nickname to distinguish me from other Anons? I don’t have an email to make an account with which is why I don’t comment, have a name, etc.)
Thank you so much, everyone. This was a lot of fun!

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