[a profile drawing of Tigerstar glaring in a dark forest]

Was Tigerstar/claw’s Treachery His Fault in the First Place? by Slipsong

Slipsong takes a look at the first Tigerstar’s motivations.

[a profile drawing of Tigerstar glaring in a dark forest]
Artist unknown (found on Pinterest)
[a profile drawing of Tigerstar glaring in a dark forest]

This may provide spoilers for the Ebook novellas Spottedleaf’s Heart, and Pinestar’s Choice, and the book series 1-4, as well as others. This article also references Google and other books.

Hello! This is Slipsong, and this is my first article, which will be a series on our villains of the Warriors world and if they’re responsible for their treachery in the first place. I will do other series in time and I will take suggestions on what to do next in the comments. Now, today we will discuss Tigerclaw, the main villain since the first arc.

Tigerclaw (now Tigerstar) was the son of Pinestar and Leapordfoot, the apprentice of Thistleclaw, the deputy of Bluestar, and finally, after he was exiled, leader of ShadowClan, helping rebuild the Clan after Nightstar and Cinderfur died of the sickness that plagued ShadowClan. Now, was he truly evil?

Thistleclaw, Tigerclaw’s mentor, was already said to be training in the Dark Forest before the warriors of the Place of No Stars decided to invade StarClan and the Clans– providing evidence to say that he was evil, and was thought by Spottedleaf to be bloodthirsty. He leaded a patrol inside Twolegplace to fight off kittypets, and encouraged Tigerclaw (back then Tigerpaw) to almost kill Scourge, back then a kittypet kit called Tiny, and therefore he could have created the antagonist of The Darkest Hour, and the entirety of BloodClan. So, yes, I would say Thistleclaw is evil. This suggests a factor that Thistleclaw taught Tigerclaw to be evil, making him consider it normal Clan life, but others in the Clan could easily see he was more reckless than others.

Another part to consider is his father, Pinestar. Pinestar was the leader before Sunstar, who was leader before Bluestar. He was Tigerclaw’s father. Now, we all know Tigerclaw has a hatred of kittypets, which is from Pinestar leaving ThunderClan to be one. Pinestar still got a place in StarClan, seeing as he believes in StarClan and was never evil. But considering Pinestar left his own son is enough for that very son to start hating the kind of lifestyle his father left to live for. This explains why Tigerclaw hurt Tiny– now Scourge, and dead– when Scourge was still a kittypet, and his hatred for Firestar when he joined ThunderClan.

So, when you add these two factors together, you can see that the reason Tigerstar is evil is because of other cat’s actions, but the treachery he caused is because of his evil actions- the dog pack was entirely his fault, and the Dark Forest invasion partly.

So, here is what I conclude: No, it was not his fault in the first place that he became evil, but the treachery he caused was his fault.

I will say that I did not read Tigerclaw’s Fury, so some information may have been left out. But this is based on what I have read, and I will make an updated version if I find enough new information to update this.

That’s all from me! See you in the next article!

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