Happy Birthday, Pineblossom!

It’s our wonderous mod, Pineblossom’s birthday!!

a gray cat wearing a polka-dotted bowtie sitting beside a pink birthday cake, with ‘happy birthday’ written above

Happy birthday, Piney! We are so happy to celebrate your birthday with you on the blog, and we all thank you for your commitment on the blog as a beloved member and a moderator 😀

How has your day been so far? Is there any memorable thing that happened, like a surprise party or an unexpected happiness? What kind of gifts did you get, and which is your favorite? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

a white cake decorated with various butterflies and flowers with the word ‘Rafisa’ in cursive written on the cake

Here’s a very flower-y cake that I found online – I know you’re not a Rafisa, but this cake looked too beautiful to resist 😛 I hope you like it!

Alright, time for the gifts!

Here’s a lovely drawing of your purrsona sent by Twilightpaw:

Here’s a delicious-looking cake and a message sent by Skypaw/shimmer:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY AMAZING MENTOR!!! Ilysm and I wish you the bestest birthday ever <333333 Here’s a beautiful cake I found online for you!!! Ignore the fact that it says ‘jingle bells’ 😛”

Here’s a wonderful message sent in by Rosefern:

“Happy birthday Pineyyyy! You are Purr-fect Intelligent Not inactive anymore >:D Extraordinary Bubbly Over-the-top awesome Speedy Stupendous Oh my goodness idk what starts with O >:D Marvelous! I love having you on the Blog Pine, chatting with you, and seeing your speedy takeovers 😉 happy birthday!!!”

Here’s a beautiful poem by Brindlenose:

Your blossoms bloom in the sunlight air,
A bird flies through the sky, leaving a feather
Ungnarled pines reach for the clouds,
There are no doubts

As: I wish you the happiest birthday possible
Let friendship, love and joy accompany you on your special day. (“Your blossoms bloom in the sunlight air,” to “There are no doubts” is a poem I tried to make with my creative but at the same time uncreative brain. Happy birthday, once again!!)”

And here’s an acrostic poem from Silverpaw/storm:

“happy birthday, piney! Here’s a little poem!
P – perfect mododo soup ingredient >:3 /j
I – intelligent!
N – never slow at modding!!!
E – extra-special!
(Pineblossom, if you saw this before your birthday, no you didn’t. /lhj)”

Here’s a gift by Koipaw/leaf:

Hey, Piney!! Happy birthday! 😀 You’re super amazing and a very speedy dodo. (you broke the speedometer with your speediness!!) I hope you’re having a day just as awesome as you! (Wait that’s impossible, you’re too awesome…) Here’s an acrostic poem I whipped up for you! Passionate and pleasant, Intelligent, a Natural at being a speeedy dodo and an Excellent, awe-inspiring artist… You know you rock, keep being absolutely awesome!

Here’s a poem and a drawing from Fernpaw/mist:

Super complicated purr /j
Moddo amazing!

We are so lucky to have a moderator just as amazing and fabulous as you, Piney; I hope you have a memorable birthday 🥳🎁🍰

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