[Sasha lies nestled into Leopardstar's side]

Warriors ships; The good, the bad, and the DustFern by Finchclaw

Finchclaw discusses their favourite and least favourite ships from the series.

[Sasha lies nestled into Leopardstar's side]
Art by Chamops
[Sasha lies nestled into Leopardstar’s side]

Hi, I’m Finchclaw, and today I’ll be discussing my favorite and least favorite romantic relationships in the warrior cats franchise!

Also, most of these will be rarepairs, so be aware of that!

For something positive, let’s start with my favorites;

5. Cloudtail x Brightheart

Who doesn’t adore this ship? Ever since the first arc, these two have been head over paws for one another! Cloudtail was one of the few cats who could still see Brightheart’s true beauty after her trauma with the dogs and the cruel new name that Bluestar had given her. With his help, Brightheart became a strong and noble warrior with a heart as golden as her name. They’ve stuck together through thick and thin, and have had two litters together!
Even today, in the most recent book as of writing this (Thunder), they remain one of the most lovey-dovey couples in the series!

4. Firestar x Onestar

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Finchclaw, you’re insane! How could these two ever be in a relationship after what happened between them?”
Well, what if I told you that I think this ship is good…because of that?
(Insert confused reaction here)
Yep, you heard me. This ship, while it isn’t canon, has everything you could ever wish for in terms of drama! One-sided love that fades over time, lovers to enemies, etc etc.
Imagine the fanfiction potential! Fireheart and Onewhisker, two close friends from different clans who slowly fall in love. However, after being thrusted into his new position as WindClan’s leader, their forbidden romance goes sour and becomes nothing but a distant memory.
This ship may not be perfect, but it’s got perfect potential!

3. Graystripe x Silverstream

Silverstream and Graystripe. Star-crossed lovers, and the first forbidden romance in the series. Before I go any further, I’m gonna go on a small tangent about Silverstream.
A lot of people in the fandom dislike her because she’s ‘boring’ and a ‘mary sue’.
Look, I get it, but is that really a valid reason to whip out a pitchfork whenever you hear her name? She’s selfless, kind, and a bit of a diva in the more recent books! She’s just a silly kitty!
She and Graystripe are genuinely so tragic. It always hurts to read her death scene. Maybe, if StarClan had been merciful, they’d have been able to raise their kits together?

2. Hollyleaf x Cinderheart

Hollyleaf has always been one of my favorite characters due to how tragic she is. Her obsession with the code led her to her doom, and she went out defending the clan that she once thought she betrayed by even existing at all.
And then we have Cinderheart, the cat who declared her as her best friend. I know this is an odd-sounding ship, but Hollyleaf and Cinderheart are just perfect for one another! A pair of star-crossed lovers, never meant to be.
I wonder if Cinderheart ever wishes that she’d settled for Hollyleaf rather than Lionblaze? (Obviously not, but that’s a fun concept!)

And now, the honourable mentions!

Firestar x Sandstorm
Firestar x Graystripe
Nightcloud x Sorreltail
Frecklewish x Reedshine
Feathertail x Ferncloud
Rootspring x Bristlefrost
Tallstar x Jake
Leafpool x Hawkfrost
Leafpool x Mothwing
Leafpool x Crowfeather
Sol x Blackstar
Snowfur x Willowbreeze
Bluestar x Oakheart
Bluestar x Rosetail
Bluestar x Leopardfoot

1. Leopardstar x Sasha

Sapphic cats. End of discussion.

Just kidding! I like this ship because it’s an extremely interesting concept. Two she-cats who were both closely involved with Tigerstar falling in love? That sounds great!
I know some people prefer Goldenflower x Sasha, but this one seems a lot better since the cats have actually met.
Yet again, I’m a bit of a hypocrite, considering I also ship cats who’ve never met/barely interacted (Hawkfrost x Crowfeather for life!).
It’s also an extremely tragic romance, considering how Sasha left RiverClan and never returned. I personally like to headcanon that Leopardstar saw Hawkfrost and Mothwing as her own kits, hence why she believed everything that Hawkfrost said in TNP.
At the end of the day, these two are an amazing ship that I wish was canon.

Now, time for my least favorite ships!

5. Barley x Ravenpaw

Just kidding! I love those guys.

The real 5. Tigerstar I x Darkstripe

First of all, I hate this ship because people talk about it all the time despite the fact that it’s extremely weird. Darkstripe was his apprentice, for starters. Not only that, but they’re cousins! Ew!
(Leopardfoot, Tigerstar’s mother, was siblings with Darkstripe’s mother, Willowpelt.)

4. Dovewing x Bumblestripe

Oh how I loathe this ship. First of all, Bumblestripe was terrible to her!
He constantly guiltripped her and tried to get her to have kits with him. He even went as far as to ask this at her friend’s funeral! While they weren’t even dating!
Second of all, whenever this ship is brought up online, people always take Bumblestripe’s side and claim that Dovewing was disloyal.
I’m gonna say this right now; Dovewing has done nothing wrong.
(Insert comically loud booing here)
No, it’s true! She helped save the clans, was nothing but kind to everyone, and left her clan to start a family with the cat she loved. But the fandom dogpiled her for it!
Bumblestripe is not an ‘innocent little baby’. He sucks. He actively went out of his way to snitch on Squirrelflight and endanger her life in TBC, and was one of Ashfur’s biggest supporters during his rule over ThunderClan.
And where was Dovewing during all this? Genuinely being a good cat!
I think the fandom should be nicer to Dovewing and meaner to Bumblestripe.

3. Pinestar x Leopardfoot

For starters, Pinestar abandoned her and his son to live as a kittypet. Not only was he being selfish, he was also being careless as this disloyal act caused the clans to become extremely prejudiced towards kittypets. Maybe Rusty would’ve joined ThunderClan in an easier way if it wasn’t for Pinestar’s careless choice?
Second of all, Pinestar was way older than her! Older than her own parents, even! And keep in mind that he started fawning over her when she was an apprentice!
The fact that this ship is enjoyable to anyone is mindboggling to me.

2. Fallen Leaves x Hollyleaf

I’m sorry, but I just cannot see Hollyleaf being with a tom. Also, it’s an insanely boring ship with little to no chemistry. Plus, Fallen Leaves is just a really creepy character to me. I can’t explain it, there’s just something about him that makes me dislike him. He doesn’t deserve Hollyleaf.

And now, for some dishonourable mentions!

Thornclaw x Blossomfall
Tigerstar x Leopardstar
Spottedleaf x Firestar
Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw
Snowfur x Thistleclaw
Hawkfrost x Mistystar
Darktail x Sleekwhisker
Scourge x Bone
Ivypool x Fernsong
Ravenpaw x any she-cat
Feathertail x Hawkfrost
Skystar x Star Flower
Hollyleaf x any tom

Dustpelt x Ferncloud.

I could go on for hours about how much I despise this ship, but I’ll keep it simple. First of all, he fell for her when she was an apprentice. Keep in mind that he was training her brother at the time, so that’s double-icky.
Second of all, he’s her uncle. You read that right.
Also, I just hate how loved this ship is when these two details should be pulling it down. Dustpelt’s a creep, and he does NOT deserve Ferncloud. I’m still so mad that people hated her so much that she was actively killed off because of the fact that she had several litters, yet Dustpelt is loved despite being genuinely horrible towards outsiders (even his own brother, Ravenpaw!)

Anyways, that’s all from me. If you have any reasons as to why some of these ships are good/bad, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, bye!

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