[a full-body design of Oakstar laying down with his front legs crossed]

Did Oakstar have grandkits? by Scorchstar

Scorchstar wonders about Oakstar’s family tree.

[a full-body design of Oakstar laying down with his front legs crossed]
Artwork by allepowerreal
[a full-body design of Oakstar laying down with his front legs crossed]

I have a couple theories that may alter the warriors universe. We all know Oakstar, right? Pinestar’s father, Leader of Thunderclan. I have a theory that his family tree might be bigger than we thought.

I found a warrior who could be Birchface kit. I think that Reedshine could be his kit. Think about it, Tabby stripes. If this is true, who could he have mated with? It could possibly be Milkfur, which is why she is more gingery. Or it could be someone we don’t know, like that Riverclan warrior at the gathering, who was unnamed.

Reedshine also had kits with Appledusk, which if Birchface was the father of Reedshine, that would mean they would be kin to Oakstar. Oakheart mated with Bluestar, which made Stonefur, Mistystar and Mosskit. Mistystar had Reedwhisker, Pikepaw, Primrosepaw, Perchkit. Which means Oakstar’s family tree is larger than we thought.

Not only Birchface’s possible family enlarging the family tree, Pinestar also has a long family tree. He had Tigerstar, Tigerstar Had bramblestar and tawnypelt, and They had kits.

All together, Oakstar has a pretty large family tree if Birchface fathered Reedshine. It would be 57 cats large! Normally it is 29 cats long.

You are probably wanting proof, and I have some proof. She is defensive of Appledusk when he admitted to mating with Mapleshade. Maybe it’s because her own mother mated with a Thunderclan warrior? When Perchpaw chased Mapleshade, She told him to stop, because “She caused enough damage”? Maybe it’s because she felt a connection of some sort. Maybe its because she was Thunderclan like her father, Because Warriors would have chased her away, not let her go.

I would love to hear other peoples theories about this theory. Do you think Oakstar has Riverclan kin through Birchface? Do you think Reedshine might of felt a bit of a connection to Mapleshade due to her Thunderclan lineage? Please tell me in Blog’s comments.

I am so thankfully for you reading, warriors. Please tell me how you feel about this blog. Please, stay safe Blogclan.
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