[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Some Interesting Warrior Cat Facts by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw lists some facts about Warriors.

[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin, edited by unknown
[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Hello! This is Sorrelpaw/splash with my first article, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Today I’ll be looking at some interesting warriors facts that are completely pointless and quite likely ruin your view of Warriors forever

1. Kate’s favourite warrior names are Birchfall and Fernsong
2. Gray Wing’s death was held back three times because the editorial team loved him too much
3. Bayshine, Bristlefrost, Stemkit, Appleshine, and Smokehaze are all descendants of WindClan’s first leader Windstar
4. The title of Twilight refers to Cinderpelt’s life ending (Noooooo)
5. If Crowfeather hadn’t chosen his own name, he would have been named Crowclaw for his personality
6. Frostpaw from the A Starless Clan arc is the tenth gray-furred protagonist in the main arcs, following behind Stormfur, Feathertail, Jayfeather, Dovewing, Gray Wing, Clear Sky, Twigbranch, Shadowsight, and Bristlefrost
7. The New Prophecy was meant to be a trilogy
8. The forest territories are based on the New Forest in southern England
9. Lionblaze’s nicked ear contradicts his power to not be harmed in battle
10. During her nine lives ceremony, Mistystar is given the life of justice twice, just worded differently
11. The most common virtue given at warrior ceremony is courage
12. There are four cats named Robinwing
13. Yellowfang is the only main character from the original prequel Super Editions who didn’t lose one or both of their parents
14. Kate wants to write more about Blossomfall
15. Shadowsight has a shredded ear that he is unable to move
16. The original name for Goosefeather’s Curse was Goosefeather’s Madness
17. Graystripe used to be Kate’s favourite character, before Frostpaw took over
180. I just skipped a hundred and one
181. Barkface mistakenly appears in the allegiances for the digital version of Riverstar’s Home
182. Loudbelly stays behind claiming they are ‘too old’ b it in the last book of the first series, they are depicted as a young warrior

Thank you for reading my really boring list of facts interesting list of warrior cat facts, and I hope you have a really nice day!

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