[a headshot of Brightheart]

Cats that would make great leaders part 2 by Zealpelt

Zealpelt lists more characters who would be good leaders of their clan.

[a headshot of Brightheart]
Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska
[a headshot of Brightheart]

Hello, clanmates Zealpelt here, And today I will be sharing a part two of cats that would make good leaders! This was requested in the comments so here we go!

1: Brightheart

Special shout-out to NightFlower of Thunderclan who requested Brightheart!

So here are some reasons that she would make a great leader!
She is Brave, strong-minded, caring, and helpful! And I know a lot of people say she was brave because of the dog attack because she fought bravely but in my opinion, that is not at all why she’s so brave! It’s because of how she recovered and even though no cat believed in her here besides Cloudtail she still did it!

2: Hawkwing

I know he’s deputy right now but he would make an amazing leader! He has so much experience and had a very hard life. He is very brave and knows what’s right for his clan! So I think if he becomes a leader it would be great!

3: Lionblaze

Look before you yell at me in the comments just hear me out! Even though his powers disappeared after the great battle he is still really strong and has the right mind for a leader! So please don’t go around telling people that Zeaplet has bad opinions because it is just a thought.

4: Bumblestripe!
Am just joking am not that crazy!!! The 4 cat is *drum roll, please.* Dovewing! Am not saying she would make a good leader I just thought that if Ivypool became Ivystar then it would be cool to see a Dovestar! Like they could have a little sister rivalry and it could stir up something! But I think that Dove would not make a good leader just for the drama you know?

5: Cloverfoot
I know she is deputy at the moment but we never even know anything about her! She was just another random Shadowclan deputy! This makes me think that she will not be a leader because the Erin’s never even gave her a story!

6: Mapelshade
So I don’t think she would make a good leader of a clan but she could make her own clan like in the DF. She could maybe have been a leader if she didn’t kill a ton of cats but yeah!

Well, thats it! Let me know in the comments if you have a question or anything else just let me know! Zealo out 🙂

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