Happy Clanniversary, Wolfgaze!

Today is Wolfgaze’s three year clanniversary! Let’s all give a cheer for this momentous occasion! We’re so glad you’re here, Wolfgaze!

A celebration always needs cake, and here’s the delicious one I picked out for you:

Image of blue-iced cake with a howling wolf

(I really liked the colours and the wolf on top. It also looks very tasty!)

Now that we’ve served up some cake, it’s time for the gifts! To start things off, here is an acrostic poem I made as a gift to you on this exciting day. All of these traits are ways I would describe you, Wolfgaze!



Art by Wolfgaze
Art of a grey cat in a snowy forest

Wolfgaze, I just want to compliment your absolutely amazing art style! Your drawing of Shadowsight for the February art contest was really well-done. I loved the softness of the background and brushes you used, the realism of Shadowsight, and the slightly ominous vibes you managed to create. This marks three years of your amazing art, and hopefully many more to come 😀

I hope you have a wonderful three-year Clanniversary, Wolfgaze! Make sure to take some time to do something you enjoy on this special day. Do you have any memories on the blog you want to share? Any plans?

Everyone, be sure to comment to celebrate Wolfgaze’s achievement! Wolfgaze, we all appreciate you kind and welcoming presence on the blog, and hope you have a great day. Thank you for all that you do on the blog!