[Tigerclaw rears up to strike at Bluestar in the leader's den]

Why Tigerclaw’s Betrayal Shattered Bluestar by Bloomflower

Bloomflower takes a look at how Tigerclaw affected Bluestar’s mental health.

[Tigerclaw rears up to strike at Bluestar in the leader's den]
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[Tigerclaw rears up to strike at Bluestar in the leader’s den]

Hi guys! =^._.^=
I’m back, and today my article is about why the betrayal of Tigerclaw shattered Bluestar’s mental health, and why you shouldn’t blame her or judge her for being ‘weak’, ‘dramatic’, or ‘fragile as glass’, because she’s not those things.
I’m pretty sure my article’s gonna get cut off if I try to defend her against ALL the points people are hating her for, so today I’m just gonna talk about why I think she lost her mind because of Tigerclaw’s betrayal.
Ok. It all started in Bluestar’s prophecy, when she was told she had to become deputy because she was ‘fire’, and destined to blaze through the forest. This prophecy ultimately led her to give her kits to RiverClan. It came back to haunt her later, because she became deputy to prevent Thistleclaw on his path to become a bloodthirsty leader.
Could this be the reason why she was so affected by Tigerclaw? Remember that Thistleclaw was Tigerclaw’s mentor, and Thistleclaw was the ultimate reason why Bluesar lost her kits.
A mother’s kits is her life. What if this was one of the reasons why Bluestar lost her mind?
Anyway, Thistleclaw was also Snowfur’s mate. In a way, Tigerclaw’s betrayal which reminds Bluestar of Thistleclaw could also remind her of Snowfur, who died on the Thunderpath. Remember, Bluestar partly feels Snowfur’s death is her fault, so this also comes back to haunt her later.
If I’m right, if the memories of Snowfur and Bluestar’s kits resurface in Bluestar’s mind, then it’s possible all the other painful memories can resurface. For example, Moonflower’s death, Stonepelt’s rejection, along with the many hard decisions she’d had to make as a leader could all overwhelm Bluestar’s rational thinking. I mean, trauma is one way to lose your mind, and Bluestar had plenty of it.
She lost everything she cared for. Bluestar lost her kits, mate, sister, friends, parents. Even her nephew, Whitestorm, was a reminder of her dead sister and how she neglected him for some time. Even Fireheart, her trusted deputy for a while, Bluestar became so weak that she even doubted him. I believe this was some sort of syndrome where she couldn’t trust anyone anymore, partly because she had no one to trust.
Oof. That’s already a lot of reasons, and there’s still more.
Remember when Firestar found out about Ravenpaw being in danger with Tigerclaw, and he went inside her den for a talk?
Look at this:
‘His heart was thumping. This was the perfect moment to tell his leader his fears about Tigerclaw. He lifted his chin, ready to speak. But it was Bluestar who spoke first, staring past him at the far wall of her den. “I can still smell the stale stench of ShadowClan in the camp,” she murmured. “I hoped never to see the day when our enemy broke into the heart of ThunderClan.” Firepaw nodded in silent agreement, sensing Bluestar was going to say more.
“And so many deaths.” She sighed. “First Redtail, then Lionheart. I thank StarClan at least the warriors we have left are strong and loyal like them. At least with Tigerclaw as deputy, ThunderClan may still be able to defend itself.”
Firepaw’s heart plummeted and an icy chill cut deep into him as Bluestar went on. “There was a time, when Tigerclaw was a young warrior, that I feared for the strength of his passion. Such energy can need careful channeling. But now I am proud to see how much respect the Clan has for him. I know he is ambitious, but his ambition makes him one of the bravest cats I have ever had the honor to fight alongside.”
Firepaw knew at once that he could not tell Bluestar his suspicions about Tigerclaw. Not when Bluestar looked to her deputy to protect the whole Clan.’
See? There were so few apprentices to be made into warriors that there wasn’t really much competition for Tigerclaw. This could have also played a part in Bluestar feeling not good enough (which she’d felt many times before) in facing Tigerclaw.
Agree or disagree?
(Oh god, please don’t get cut off.)

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