Me Ranting about mistakes in WC by Squirrelhope

Squirrelhope shares their frustrations about mistakes in the first two arcs.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi Everyone, this is my first article so i hope you like it!

There are many mistakes in TPB and TNP here are some I thought would be worth mentioning

#1 Cinderpaw and Brakenpaw were apprenticed when they were not 6 moons old yet

#2 Dappletail said that she had a kit that was born deaf though in Bluestar’s Prophecy Poppydawn told Swiftbreeze that some queens never had kits, no matter how badly they wanted them. implying that she was unable to bear kits

#3 (i know that sunrise is not part of TPB or TNP but I couldn’t help it) In Sunrise, Ashfoot is called Ashfur even though the patrol that Brambleclaw was leading to hunt for Sol at the Sun Drown Place. Hunting for ASHFUR’S MURDERER!!!

#4 Rowanclaw is AGAIN mistaken for being a she-cat even though HE is a tom! In Moonrise and In Dawn!

#5 Mothwing has also been said to have blue eyes like 10 times in the span of 5 books!

#6 Bluestar looses a life from the rat attack, When Firepaw asked if she was dead, Tigerclaw said shes in the HANDS of Starclan now, cats have paws not hands!

#7 In Enter the Clans Code 11 Graypaw is called Graystripe

I Have a Question For the creators, why are the eye colors mistaken soooo many times from into the wild to sunset they are mistaken so many times Brambleclaw, Mothwing, Leafpool and so many others

#8 Stormfur is mistakenly called a warrior, even though he had been living in the Tribe of Rushing Water

#9 So many cats in ThunderClan! I have noticed especially that in every book the number of ThunderClan cats grow as of recently there are 44 cats in ThunderClan. 44! vs the other clans ThunderClan has massive amount of cats!

#10 Firestar being part of almost every prophecy, Firestar is a part of almost every prophecy until A Vision Of Shadows, hes not a bad cat it was just getting excessive like he was the fourth cat in the Prophecy of the Three almost all of them except the one that started the Great Journey

Comment if you want part 2!

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