[Pinestar sits, conflictingly thinking about kittypet items]

Part 1: Why I Think Pinestar Shouldn’t Go To StarClan by Bloomflower

Bloomflower explains why they think Pinestar shouldn’t be allowed into StarClan.

[Pinestar sits, conflictingly thinking about kittypet items]
Art by Warrior-Junkie
[Pinestar sits, conflictingly thinking about kittypet items]

Oof. The title was a mouthful. ✍(◔◡◔)
Anyway, you guys might be thinking, Pinestar wasn’t evil. He didn’t wrongly kill anyone. He didn’t lie to his Clan or his Clan leader, and he wasn’t a jerk that was mean to everyone indiscriminately and for no reason.
Why shouldn’t he go to StarClan?
But there is one thing he did that in my opinion is unforgivable in the warrior life; he was selfish and only thought of himself.
But Bloomflower! He gave up 8 of his lives for his Clan! Besides, he’s not evil, so he shouldn’t go to the Dark Forest.
Oof. Yep, that was what I thought at first when I read Bluestar’s Prophecy. But then I read Pinestar’s Choice, and my opinion changed.
Pinestar wasn’t like Mudfur, who realized the consequences of fighting over useless things and chose to serve his Clan in a different way. Pinestar wasn’t like Bluestar and other Clan leaders, who were willing to die for their Clan. Pinestar left his Clan to be a kittypet, simply because his kittypet friend died on the Thunderpath.
I’ll admit, that was a tad traumatic. But that didn’t give him a chance or an excuse to abandon his Clan. It’s not a crime to be scared of death. But Pinestar never overcame his fear, and only thought of himself.
Plenty of other cats suffered way worse than he did, ex. Crookedstar, Bluestar, Brightheart
Did they abandon their Clan? No. If anything, they were more motivated to be loyal and work for their Clan. Crookedstar twisted his jaw and lost every cat he loved. Bluestar gave up her kits, her mate, and watched everyone she knew die. Brightheart was terribly injured by the dog pack, and she had to live with a permanent disfigurement.
Ok. So summary: Pinestar abandoned his Clan, but I’m sure everybody knew that. What was so bad that Pinestar couldn’t go to StarClan?
A huge part of warrior life is protecting your Clan, protecting your loved ones, and protecting what you think is right. Forget the warrior code, telling who you should or shouldn’t mate (but that’s a topic for another article.)
By abandoning his leadership position, he didn’t protect his Clan. By becoming a kittypet, he wasn’t protecting his loved ones. And most importantly, he knew Tigerkit was destined to be evil. He knew Leopardfoot was a younger mother than most. He knew his Clan wasn’t at its best. But he still left. That isn’t necessarily protecting what you think is right.
Sure, Pinestar gave up 8 of his lives, but then he turned coward and fled when it came to his last life. He wanted to experience comfort in his last days of his life. There’s nothing wrong with that. But by doing so, he didn’t stop to think about the consequences of his actions. Leopardfoot lost two of her kits after he left and Tigerclaw grew up hating kittypets, open to Thistleclaw’s influence.
Now, let’s compare Pinestar to another warrior who could have followed in his footsteps, but didn’t solely because he/she knew it wasn’t right.
Tigerheart. Ah, I bet at least 69% of you guys reading this probably hate Tigerheart. In my opinion, I’m neutral on this topic.
But anyway, Pinestar and Tigerheart are more similar than you think. Both had a taste for kittypet life (or loner life in Tigerheart’s case), while one chose to stay and the other went back to his Clan.
Was it ambition or loyalty that drove Tigerheart’s decision? We don’t know. I would say it’s both, but that’s up to you guys.
Anyway, Pinestar abandoned his Clan for himself. Tigerheart abandoned his Clan for his mate and kits. See the difference? Pinestar died as a kittypet. Tigerheart came back to be Clan leader and took his family with him. Now, I’m not going to go into the details of Tigerheart’s life and his decisions. But I know that no matter what Tigerheart did to offend you guys, he’s ten times better than Pinestar.
Besides, Pinestar mated with Leopardfoot. I’m not gonna go into the details of how much OLDER Pinestar was than Leopardfoot, but either way, putting the age aside, it was a terrible ship. He started it first, and then he dropped her like a hot potato. Pinestar wasn’t responsible at all; he didn’t care for Leopardfoot, or his kits, or his Clan.
Anyway, that’s it! What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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  • I never liked Pinestar, not even reading Bluestar’s Prophecy.
    He abandoned his clan, his mate, and his kit.
    I don’t think he should’ve even gone to Starclan or the Darkforest.
    Perhaps he should’e gone to whatever the kittypet afterlife is. After all, he was a kittypet when he died, and if he went to Starclan or the Darkforest for that matter, it would make zero sense.
    Jake never went to Starclan, because he was a kittypet. I think it matters more what you die as, not born, As shown with Firestar.

    I dunno, Pinestar was just a word that isn’t appropriate for a Blogclan comment.