[Leopardstar lifts a fish from the river with her mouth]

Looking at Leopardstar’s charatcter: Was she a good leader? by Butterflywing

Butterflywing shares their thoughts on Leopardstar.

[Leopardstar lifts a fish from the river with her mouth]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Leopardstar lifts a fish from the river with her mouth]

Hello blogclanners! This will be my first article where I will look at Leopardstar’s character. Let’s dive straight into it!


Okay, I think Leopardstar’s character is great but there is some things I really don’t like with her.

The first thing is her short fuse. It brings not only her- but also others into trouble. An example is the battle of Sunningrocks. The one Sunfish got wounded in and Whitefang died in.

Another thing I don’t like is how spoiled she is. It’s just so annoying. She begged to become an apprentice. It was very annoying. She was to spoiled.

The third thing I don’t like is how she *let* Stonefur die. She could have stood up towards Tigertstar, but she choose not too. She watched him die.

Now I will list the things I like about her character.

The first thing I like about her character is her loyalty to her clan. She sets Riverclan hight up before her own needs. She was never selfish. She wanted to help her clan. (Even if it didn’t work so good). She still did what she thought was right.

Another thing I like is her ability to accept that Frogleap had gotten a new mate and didn’t love her anymore. She handled it good.

The third thing is that she made what was right in the end, protecting her clan. She nearly let a fox kill her to save her clanmates. She showed nothing but courage and loyalty to her clan.

Now to: Was she a good leader?

I don’t think she was the right one to lead Riverclan. Let me explain why.

1. She led her clan into many battles:
Many times it’s shown how she led her clan into battles. This made me think that she’s a little bit too battle hungry.

2. She sent Mudfur away.
She sent Mudfur away to start Tigerclan. For her he was in the way. Mudfur wasn’t only medicine cat, he was her father.

3. She’s letting Tigerstar lead Tigerclan and imprison four warriors. She watched Stonefur die without doing anything.

Okay now if I should summarise this I would say that she’s a great character but she has her flaws. Her flaws makes her a bad leader in my opinion but let me know yours in the comments! I will post another article soon!



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  • 🐾🐺Ravage_wolf🐺🐾 (Wolfheart24 on WC.com) 🐾🪴plants+tea+writing=life🪴🐾 🐺writing wolf and fox novels! 🦊 says:

    Ooh very good article, especially for your first!! Only thing is that I don’t agree with you, I still like her as one of my fav characters!

  • (okay, wow, there is word limit on those comments ^^; Gonna cut my comment into few pieces)

    Part 1.

    Good article^^ It’s always nice to read something positive about, lets say, less popular characters^^

    However, I respectfully disagree with your opinion, and if you would indulge me I would like to present you with my reasons (as well as point out a few things you might have missed). Fair warning, this will probably be a long wall of text, sorry ^^;

    (Before I do, I will openly admit that I love Leopardstar and she is my 7th favorite character, and I even bought her mini figurine that came out half a year ago together with Tallstar, which is the first time I bought something from the official store. So you can call my opinion biased, I myself have my doubts whether my judgement of her is unimpaired xD)

    My main disagreement with your article is about what you said about her leading RiverClan into many battles and her being battle hungry. Since she became leader she started only one battle, the battle for Sunningrocks in Dangerous Path. Every other battle her Clan took part in later was as part of alliance with the Clan that did start it, like as TigerClan, then LionClan (and that battle was started by BloodClan), and lastly with WindClan to attack ThunderClan (more on that later). We do see her starting fights before becoming leader, of course, but that happens when she’s still young; remember, she was considered young for a deputy’s position, not as young as Fireheart had been but still unusually young. She even herself when talking with Sunfish says she should mentor two apprentices before becoming deputy before Oakheart dies. She didn’t have the chance to mature into her position. But after being named deputy she gradually improves, especially after death of Whiteclaw. We can best see that during battle in WindClan camp, where some RiverClan cats comment that with ShadowClan’s help they should be able to take Sunningrocks afterwards, and Leopardfur thinks to herself that with WindClan’s territory being split between their two Clans they wouldn’t need Sunningrocks, showing she had restrain. Later on, after the DISASTROUS alliance with Tigerstar, she never tries to take Sunningrocks from ThunderClan, even when Firestar is missing (because she obviously didn’t believe Graystripe) or when ThunderClan was suffering from hunger. Then when living beside the lake, when Twolegs threaten their camp, instead of attacking another Clan to claim their territory (something WindClan later does), her Clan works on preforming a feat of engineering to raise river level and secure their camp. They do attack ThunderClan with WindClan… and after 15 years we still don’t know WHY, or if Leopardstar even knew about it as there was no mention of her or Mistyfoot during battle. I was hoping Onestar’s Confession would clear that up… And lastly, she claimed the lake for RiverClan during the drought, and established patrols around it, but only to protect the fish, she still allowed the other Clans to gather water, so I don’t think it should count as her wanting to fight.

  • Part 2 (yeah this did turn into a wall of text ^^; Hope it’s not too much of a mess to read)

    Now about her joining TigerClan; yeah, gonna be a bit of a devil advocate on that one. They way she envisioned, it was supposed to be an alliance much alike to European Union, in which all the leaders would be equal. She had very good reason for joining; after the river freezing over, being poisoned, and then flooding, she believed RiverClan needed to secure additional fresh-kill source, which was why she attacked Sunningrocks, and with Fireheart scheming to take over the forest (as Tigerstar successfully convinced her this was what he was planning, using Graystripe’s betrayal as proof) Leopardstar wanted help defending from his plans. But when they formed their alliance, she wasn’t strong enough to oppose his authority. After Graystripe’s betrayal and overhearing Stonefur’s and Mistyfoot’s conversation about being half-Clan she began doubting her Clanmates respect for her and it created a wedge that Tigerstar’s explored, expending his authority over her and RiverClan. I think the real reason why he persecuted half-Clans had less to do with their mixed blood and the fact that Stonefur was the deputy, so eliminating him would secure his hold over RiverClan. In any case, I blame this less on Leopardstar’s shortsightedness and more on Tigerstar’s brilliance (though obviously she was still at fault as well). Lastly, in regards to Stonefur’s death, she didn’t know Tigerstar planned to kill them until the trial started. She thought he wanted to banish them. Afterwards though it was too late; she realized that if she opposed him then and there, he would kill her too, and there would be no cat left to protect RiverClan. Yes, this whole situation was still her fault, but she didn’t just let Stonefur die, she made a choice between two awful outcomes.

    Oh, and last thing about Stonefur… the first thing he and Mistyfoot did after learning that Bluestar was their mother, at least as far as Leopardstar knew, was to run away from battle xD So she did have SOME reason to doubt their loyalty. Yes, it shouldn’t overshadow the seasons of loyalty they had showed, but it was still there, and Tigerstar no doubt had explored it (honestly, Leopardstar’s Honor really showcases his political brilliance, reading first arc you think he is just going with the flow and takes advantages of random opportunities, but no, there we saw him creating those opportunities, he really was the Littlefinger of Warriors xD)

    Now regarding some other things you said about her. That she is spoiled. Yes, she is, but as a kit (and a little bit as young adult). However, despite being spoiled, she grew into a dedicated warrior that would put her Clan first, as you yourself said. If you want to see a spoiled character that stayed spoiled through the rest of their life and afterlife, always thinking about herself first, look at Silverstream xD The contrast between the two is really interesting^^

    Lastly, I would like to point out something that I don’t see a lot of people bring up. You mention that she nearly let fox kill her to save her Clanmates. Except that fox wouldn’t just kill her. It was leaf-bare, you can see the fox’s ribs, and it had been so hungry that he snuck into RiverClan camp. The fox would have EATEN her, and with this being fairly early into her leadership, she must have still had most of her nine lives (I mean, she loses last 3 during last two moons of her life). Meaning that fox would have eaten her alive, killing her multiple times, and it would have been easily the most horrifying death in the history of this series in my opinion. And Leopardstar was too experience to not realize this, and yet still told Feathertail, Stormfur and Hawkpaw to run.

  • Part 3 (okay seriously, these comments can be way shorter than I had expected xD It will take some getting used to)

    So overall, I would say she had been a great leader. I will agree that she shouldn’t have been made a leader as early as she had, as Mudfur predicted. Ideally, Oakheart wouldn’t have died and became leader after Crookedstar, and would chose Leopardfur as deputy, letting her prepare for leadership for far longer. Her biggest mistakes of her leadership all happened within first few moons after succeeding Crookedstar, afterwards she greatly improved, choosing good deputy to help her, listening to opinion even when she disagreed (like during Gathering in Fourth Apprentice) and sticking with her even during political shifts in RiverClan because of Hawkfrost. She fiercely defended Hawkfrost and Mothwing from prejudice, and while this might not have worked in RiverClan’s favor in Hawkfrost’ case it definitely did in Mothwing’s.

    Personally, I would say she was a better leader than Mistystar or Crookedstar. Before you set me on fire, hear me out ;p Mistystar’s had made big blunders in both A Vision of Shadows and The Broken Code, even in latest book we saw certain somebody bring up that during her reign RiverClan had been TOO passive. As for Crookedstar, while he is talked about being such a wise leader, we never really saw it that much, until Leopardstar’s Honor, and even then he get fooled into thinking WindClan and ThunderClan were going to attack RiverClan thanks to certain somebody leaving ThunderClan’s scent on his territory. His biggest fault though was spoiling his daughter. It would be fine if he was an ordinary warrior, but as leader he has to put Clan first. And then after her death he let his emotions affect him and allow Graystripe into RiverClan, which was horrible decision on many levels that I would happily list out (copy them from my own old facebook article actually) but this CLEARLY is way too long for a comment so gonna cut that part out ;p

    OKay, so yes, Crookedstar’s mistakes aren’t as big as Leopardstar’s. However I still hold her in higher regard because she had to lead RiverClan through far worse times than he had to, and the matter of TigerClan aside I believe she had done so splendidly (wish we knew MORE about that time; we really need Mistyfoot Super Edition, centered around events after first arc through the second one! To see RiverClan settle around the lake, and so much more!). The worst times of Crookedstar’s leadership happened actually after she became his deputy, and through like half of it he was sick so she had to deal with a lot of it herself, so that also stacks in her favor (heck, she even was the one that lead ThunderClan into RiverClan camp after the fire, but Crookedstar gets all the credit for showing them sympathy and letting them stay xD).

    So anyway, that’s my opinion, hope I didn’t bore you xD As I said my opinion might be biased, I try to be impartial when analyzing characters and such but you know, you can never be sure how your opinion might be affected.

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