Happy Clanniversary, Freepaw!

Woohoo! Today is Freepaw’s three year clanniversary! What a remarkable achievement. I hope you’ve had a lot of fun on the blog these past three years, Fria. We’ve all loved having you here as well! Now, onto some cake!

Blue cake with black cat on top

I hope you like the one I picked out for you! I really liked the bright blue of the icing paired with the glittery black topper. (Also, the kitten is adorable!!) It’s always good to celebrate a special day with something delicious 😉

To celebrate this exciting day, I wrote a small acrostic poem about you to celebrate your special day!


Next up, I designed a little collage together of some things I know you enjoy! I hope you like my little gift to celebrate your three year clanniversary!

Collage with brown aesthetic

It’s so awesome that you’ve been on the blog since when you were a kit! I hope you have had tons of fun being here, Fria. We hope you have many more years of fun and friendships on the blog! Congratulations on your three year anniversary! Be sure to do something fun on your special day! Do you have any plans? Any special memories to share?

BlogClan wishes you a very happy clanniversary!