[a stylistic headshot of Clear Sky looking to the side]

Rating WC: Clear Sky by Onyxstone

Onyxstone takes a look at Clear Sky’s life.

[a stylistic headshot of Clear Sky looking to the side]
Art by owls1999
[a stylistic headshot of Clear Sky looking to the side]

Hello Blogclan! I’m Onyxstone (Onyx), I’m trying something, (Gonna rate WC), and if it turns out well then I guess I’ll keep doing it.
Let’s talk about the first leaders themselves!
Today I’m going to be talking about- Clear Sky.
Clear Sky was one of the many “early settlers” and one of the five first leaders. When he leaves the mountains and presumably his kin behind, (Jagged Peak follows him and Gray Wing has to go get him) Pleased his brothers are going with him to the new territory he establishes a camp in the forest. Then things take a turn for the worse.. his younger brother Jagged Peak follows him to his camp and injures his leg permanently thus causing Clear Sky to deem him “useless”. When Jagged Peak leaves for Tall Shadow’s group and finds a place there. (Driven away count- 1) When he takes a loner called Storm as a mate he becomes over obsessive and assumes she can’t do anything as she’s carrying his kits. She gets fed up and goes to find shelter. (Driven away count- 2) Gray Wing finds her with her and her (already dead) kits in a collapsed building. With the task of telling his littermate that his mate and kits are dead Gray Wing finds the only surviving kit and names him Thunder. (Why does Clear Sky’s family have a thing for the weather? Clear Sky, Quiet Rain, Storm, Thunder, etc.) When Gray Wing takes Thunder to Clear Sky, Clear Sky says he doesn’t want the kit. (Driven away count- 4) But THEN a book later he says it was a “test” Thunder wants to be with his father so he leaves the cat that saved his life, raised, fed, and comforted him for the one that got his mother killed, wanted nothing to do with him and was rather hostile (smart Thunder moments..) So in the forest Thunder is happy and tries to grow close with his father. When Frost becomes injured Clear Sky tells Thunder to drag him to a remote part of territory and leave him to die. Thunder refuses and takes him to the moor. Falling Feather says he doesn’t care about his cats and only boundaries and territory Clear Sky is outraged and then humiliates/punishes her. In the first battle (Book 3) He tried to ambush his brother and the few cats he brought with him. He then kills Rainswept Flower, Bumble, and Misty. The Blazing Star (Book 4) He steals his son’s almost girlfriend and manages to wreak havoc on the others with one eye. (Also Tom died but, meh) In A Forest Divided Thunder takes Lightning Tail, Owl Eyes, Cloud Spots, Milkweed, Leaf, Pink Eyes, Clover, and Thistle. Then Clear Sky becomes mates with Star Flower, he distrusts Micah (Unintentionally killing him) And puts Acorn Fur as a spy sorta deal.

Anyways… That’s all my clanmates see y’all soon!

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