[a stylistic full-body design of Needletail sitting with a paw raised]

Why I love Needletail by Butterflywing

Butterflywing shares their opinion on Needletail.

[a stylistic full-body design of Needletail sitting with a paw raised]
Artwork by Caroline Singeo
[a stylistic full-body design of Needletail sitting with a paw raised]

In this article I will talk about Needletail and why I love her. So let’s begin.

Needletail was born to Berryheart and Sparrowtail. As a kit she had no siblings or friends. She never got much attention from her parents or the other cats in Shadowclan.
When she became an apprentice, as Needlepaw, she’s carried away by an owl with her clanmates immediately giving up the hope on her surviving. Tree finds her and brings her back to Shadowclan. This is where things go wrong. She finds out no one had searched for her or cared for her so much that they would look for her. Rowanstar sends Tree away. Even if Tree wanted to stay. Needlepaw continues her life in Shadowclan, still with zero friends. She runs away from Shadowclan to go on the mission to find Skyclan. Uninvited she goes with Alderpaw, Sparkpaw and Sandstorm on their journey. Here we see a new side of her- the funnier. She’s still a Shadowclan cat but here, she’s more open. She finds Violetkit and Twigkit. She’s the reason they survive. Sandstorms dies and we see her grieve over Sandstorm. They find Skyclan and later meets Darktail and Rain. Needlepaw befriends Rain and happily talks to him. They return to Shadowclan where Needlepaw takes Violetkit and becomes Violetkit’s friend. Later she leaves to live with Darktail and his rouges. She takes Violetkit with her to look out for her, this shows how much Needletail cared about Violetpaw. She later renames herself to Needletail and cones closer to Rain. Violetpaw didn’t like how the rouges lived and left, Needletail- DEVASTED. Needletail is now alone. Violetpaw returned to Shadowclan. After a while Violetpaw comes back to the rouges and Needletail with a plan- to lay poppy seeds in Darktail’s rabbit to kill him. Things don’t go as planned and Darktail ends up killing Rain. Needletail has just lost her mate. But here’s where something happens- this action takes her loyalty away from Darktail. Needletail gets prisoned and starved by Darktail. Along with some other prisoners she refuses to eat and gives her prey to the other prisoners. It’s now time for Needletail’s penalty- or Violetpaws. Darktail was going to punish Violetpaw by killing Needletail.

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