[a full-body design of Goosefeather laying down and looking off to the side]

Why Goosefeather was a Bad Medicine Cat by Goldenpaw

Goldenpaw discusses Goosefeather’s actions as a medicine cat.

[a full-body design of Goosefeather laying down and looking off to the side]
Art by Cat-Patrisiya
[a full-body design of Goosefeather laying down and looking off to the side]

Spoilers for Bluestar’s Prophecy and Goosefeather’s Curse.

Okay so I’m reading Bluestar’s Prophecy and I notice a lot of…bad mistakes from Goosefeather. It made him look evil and I will name all of them in this article. This is also my first article on BlogClan! Will I make more??? *dramatic music in background* Read to find out about Thunderclan’s selfish and lazy medicine cat.

I would like to start by saying I feel bad for Goosefeather. But he was tormented by his own ancestors, accidentally had all of his clanmates, and was criticized for being lazy when all he was just trying to do was take a break from omens. But some of his choices were simply out of a troubled mind. But it still made him bad.

First, Goosefeather looks at the fur on a vole and realizes the fur’s flattened. He says it means Windclan (WC) is gonna crush Thunderclan (TC). Now, WC was hunting on TC territory, so I believe that’s true. But then, he takes the vole into his medicine den to see if there are more signs. And there were. Or were they???? He said catmint on the vole’s flank meant TC should destroy WC’s medicine supply. But Goosefeather was in the medicine den when he found catmint on the flank. The catmint probably fell on the vole cause he was in the medicine, so making up an omen from Starclan by mistake is bad, but it gets worse when his sister Moonflower died destroying the herbs for nothing. And now Goosefeather’s nieces, Bluepaw and Snowpaw, have no mother and a not very good dad who’s distant with his kits. Goosefeather should’ve apologized, saying that the storm during the battle with WC was a sign he was wrong, but instead he just remains unrepentant.

Second, Goosefeather claims that his omens are correct and that he’s experienced. But how come he refuses to help Lepoardfoot have her kits? That doesn’t make him exp if he refuses to do his duties in the first place. Yes, Tigerstar would be born from that litter, but that doesn’t mean he had the right to let a cat suffer her kitting! Not helping Leopardfoot have her kits isn’t going to prevent Tigerstar’s existence. That just shows laziness and how he doesn’t care about her. He was also told that Lepoardfoot was kitting from his apprentice Featherwhisker, but he just says “I know, I know” and walks away to the fresh kill pile. So he knew she was kitting, but didn’t bother to help. He starts pawing through the mice, muttering to himself, and then walks away out of Thunderclan’s camp. That very night, Rosepaw and Sweetpaw are confirmed to be ill from the mouse they shared. Sweetpaw never recovers and dies no matter how hard Goosefeather and Featherwhisker work. But Goosefeather was at the fresh kill before anyone else, pawing through mice. He muttered to himself, so I assumed he was predicting omens. So how come he didn’t warn everyone one of the mice could be rotten if he’s predicting omens? He must have, because there was no one by him to talk to. He also was muttering about clouds at the camp wall, so he had to be doing predicting omens’ business for Starclan. There was a possibility that he didn’t know, but it’s too much of a coincidence! He also told Pinestar, (who Goosefeather kept telling that he should kill his own son) that Sweetpaw’s death was an omen. That’s proof he allowed Sweetpaw to die so he could scare Pinestar into killing his newborn son! It’s just so messed up. Pinestar was so scared about killing his son that he left the clan. Therefore, Goosefeather was selfish and careless towards his clanmates.

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