[Mapleshade tearfully embraces her kits after crossing the river]

Analyzing mapleshade by Racoonkit

Racoonkit shares their thoughts on Mapleshade.

[Mapleshade tearfully embraces her kits after crossing the river]
Art by TripleJaysArt
[Mapleshade tearfully embraces her kits after crossing the river]

Hi! Im Racoonkit here 4 my FIRST article. Today i wil be talking about a much-discussed topic, Mapleshade, and whether she deserved the DF or not. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

First, let’s think about what happened to mapleshade. She was a brave warrior who was known for courage when she faced foes shuch as badgers, or foxes. Then, she fell in love with a riverclan warrior named Appledusk, and ended up expecting his kits. Recently, there had been a battle for sunningrocks, and a thunderclan cat named birchface had drowned. Frecklewish concluded HERSELF that birchface was the father. When thunderclan found out that mapleshade hat kits with a riverclan cat, they got mad, and exled her and her kits into a storm. Mapleshade tried to cross the river into riverclan, but her kits drowned, and appledusk rejected her for that. Then she went crazy.

Now, it’s time to talk about what mapleshade did. She mated with a cat from a different clan, Appledusk, who had killed birchface. Then, she let frecklewish, birchfaces sister, to believe that she was expecting birchface’s kits, only for it to be revealed by ravenwing that the appledusk was the acutal father of the kits. Then, she tought it was a good idea to cross the FLODDDED river with KITS! And her kits died because of it. Then, she killed frecklewish, ravenwing, and appledusk! And she tried to kill reedshine!!!! And then she died and went to the DF.

My opinion on all this is that MAPLESHADE IS INNOCENT!!!!! She was hurt very deeply when she was exiled from thunderclan, and then that hole in her heart was deepened when she lost her kits! All she had left was Appledusk, and he rejected her, and even flirted with another cat in front of her! That was the last straw, so she was driven into insanity by Appledusk, Frecklewish, and Ravenwing. And then she killed them, which I think they deserved. She also deserved to go to Starclan, in the place of Appledusk.

That’s all i have for today! See ya later! 😀

THE END-Racoonkit

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