[a realistic profile drawing of Longtail looking out at a barren field]

Cats that I wish did not die :,( by Zealpelt

Zealpelt lists characters whose deaths saddened them.

[a realistic profile drawing of Longtail looking out at a barren field]
Art by Spirit Of Alaska
[a realistic profile drawing of Longtail looking out at a barren field]

What’s up Blogclaners!!!! Zealy here with another article, this one is about cats that I wish lived longer! Enjoy:)

1: Longtail
This cat is just such a great guy. He thought he was doing the right thing when he was on Tigerstar’s side and attacking Firestar/Rusty but he was just being loyal. Overall, he was a really great cat and had a lot of depth for a cat from the first main arc!

2: Briarlight
Ok let’s just be for real here, we probably all cried or at least felt the loss when this amazing character died! She could have been so much more if the Erins gave her a chance, like becoming a med cat or making up a new role in the clans, or even a therapist for cats that were disabled like her. Just saying not cool Erins!

3: Stonefur
He could have been a good leader! He was very very brave and loyal to his clan and even died for them! He was such a great cat the only thing I did not like was when he did not forgive Bluestar but to be fair Bluestar lied to him and Mistyfoot for a long time and that would be really hard to forgive someone if they did that!

4: Shrewpaw
I just want to say this before I begin I do not ship ShrewXsquilf and thats not the reason I like Shrepaw! He was just a normal apprentice with a mostly normal life! He could have been important later on but NO the Erins just killed him off just like that!

5: Honeyfern
I know she died for a good reason and I know a lot of cats died on this list for a good reason but still! She was a good cat and made Berrynose a better person! She was very forgiving when she told Poppyfrost that Berrynose could be her mate and was so brave to save Brairkit/light!

6: Ravenpaw
If you had read Ravenpaws farewell then good for you! I know they could not just have left him there at the barn his fate undecided but he was just an interesting cat! He was a very good friend to Barley Firestar/paw and Graystripe! Really dislike that he did not go to Starclan!

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