Happy birthday, Nettlepaw!

It’s Nettlepaw’s birthday!

Happy birthday, Nettlepaw 😀 The blog wishes you a spectacular birthday (just as you are!), and we are very grateful to be here to celebrate your special day with you!

How is your day going so far? Is there anything you’re looking forward to or waiting for? Have you eaten any cakes yet – if so, what flavor did you get? Was it creamy or fudgy, just like the cake I found for you below? It looks so mouth-watering, with all that scrumptious chocolate; I hope you like it!

Chocolate mousse cake with thin chocolate barks on op

Here’s a gorgeous drawing sent by Moonpaw/leaf:

a headshot of a gray cat with green pupils and scars in dark green background with ‘Nettlefrost’ and ‘Happy Birthday!’ written beside the cat

We hope you have a wonderous birthday, Nettle!! 🎁🎉🎂

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