a brown, ginger and white guinea pig sits on a bedspread with a blue, pink, purple and white party hat

Happy Clanniversary, Willowdawn!

HERE YE, HERE YE, HERE YE!!! Today is Willowdawn’s Clanniversary!!!

(Also, for those wondering why this post has been taken over by an imposter :0 – Flam has kindly let me make Willowdawn’s Clanniversary post, but she’ll be returning to her shift afterwards!!)

a brown, ginger and white guinea pig sits on a bedspread with a blue, pink, purple and white party hat

Hii, Willow! Happy third Clanniversary! Can you believe you joined the Blog May 27th, 2021?! You’re a senior citizen :0 /j Wills, you are a core part of what makes the Blog what it is. You are so incredibly hardworking, often leading the way and managing everything when we do projects (like the ‘Happy Clanniversary, BlogClan!’ post, the ‘Happy Moderator Appreciation Day!’ post and the ‘Collection of BlogClan Stories’ project) When I was making wiki pages for people and became a bit overwhelmed with all the requests, you didn’t hesitate to leap in the second I asked and help me out with them! You care so much about everyone and you’re so friendly and kind, replying to virtually everyone’s comments and making sure everyone feels loved and included! I’ve never known anyone more worthy of their senior warrior title! We all love you so so so so much, Soapy Fish Willow Wall, and thank you for everything you do for the Blog! 💙 You mean so much to so many people (myself included) and BlogClan wouldn’t be the same without you! <33333

baby blue and white drip cake with iced pale blue swirls on top
Made by Sugar Whipped Cakes

Here’s a Clanniversary cake for you, Lolo! It looks absolutely delicious – I love the decorations at the bottom and the swirls at the top look like they’d be so tasty. You’ll share, won’t you?

Here’s a few questions for you to answer if you’d like!

  1. What’s your favourite Blog memory?
  2. Top 3 favourite BlogClan pages?
  3. Do you a favourite Blog event (Gatherings, Move Up Days, April Fools, etc)?

Happy Clanniversary, Willow!! <33

green willow tree droops over a clear river

Silverdusk 🩷💙💜 Open up the door 🎶 She/her | Cheesecake 🔛🔝 Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Pacing the rocks, staring out at the midnight sea