We Bare Bears and Warrior Cats: Connected? by Finchpaw

Finchpaw takes a look at the worlds of Warrior Cats and We Bare Bears.

Official art from We Bare Bears

Hey! Thorni here with my second article! Today I will be comparing Warrior Cats and We Bare Bears, giving the characters warrior names and purrsonas, and going over possible warrior cats references in the series! So let’s get started.

For those of you who don’t know, We Bare Bears is a animated series on Stan about the bear brothers: Grizz, the brown bear with a love of burritos, Panda, the internet obsessed vegetarian panda bear, and Ice Bear, the introverted and talented polar bear with secrets to hide. The story follows these bears as the attempt to adapt to life amongst humans in San Francisco.

First up, I will be comparing this series to Warriors. I think the characters are very different, but somewhat alike. The obvious Warriors characters that come to mind when I think of the bears are the original three, Ravenpaw, Graystripe, and Firestar, Grizz being Firestar, the “leader” of the group, strong and powerful, although I don’t think Firestar would like burritos very much, and I don’t think he would create his own action movie…. Panda would have to be a Graystripe character. Both have interest in girls and it would be funny to see an internet obsessed Graystripe. I just think Graystripe is too tough for Panda. That would leave Ravenpaw for Ice Bear. If we are totally desperate here, we could find SOME differences. I guess both started out fleeing from something, in Raven’s case Tigerclaw, and in Ice Bear’s case poachers, and then they both became tough-ish I guess. But Ravenpaw was always kind of nervous, and Ice is the complete opposite. He keeps and axe in the fridge for StarClan’s sake. Well, I honestly think Panda would make a better Ravenpaw. Aside from the colouring, he is nervous and cautious as shown when he was reluctant to save the bunnies from the crows with his brothers. Anyhoo, I think it’s time for warrior names!

Now I will give characters in We Bare Bears warrior names and purrsonas! Let’s start!

For Grizz, there is an obvious choice, but Brownbear is definitely a cop out. I guess we could say Mud for a prefix, because of the brown fur, and maybe wood or leaf for where he lives? Mudwood sounds silly, so, Mudleaf!

Mudleaf: A brown and white Tom with green eyes and a short, fluffy tail.

Panda is a bit harder, but we are going with the colour thing again so because Panda is black and white, and Magpies are also black and white, Magpie can be the prefix. Panda is also vegetarian, so Leaf could work again as a suffix, but I don’t want any duplicates, so maybe mint or poppy. Magpiepoppy? No. Magpiemint? Nup. Maybe something that reflects his love of anime? Hmmmmm well Ranger Tabes calls him Stripes, so what about Magpiestripe? Ooooo Magpiesplash sounds nice! Ok. Magpiesplash!

Magpiesplash: A black and white striped tom with a white face and black patches around his eyes.

Ice Bear is basically already a warrior name but we are gonna change it. Ice could be a prefix, or frost as a suffix? Silent is a nice prefix and suits him well because he rarely talks, so, Silentfrost!

Silentfrost: A white tom with sky-blue eyes and a short, thick, pelt.

Well, of course these aren’t the only characters. Let’s not forget Charlie the Sasquatch! Charlie lives in the forest alone, and is one of the two Bigfoots in the series. He has green fur, and so a prefix could be grass, or even that could be a suffix. I want to express his love of cheesy poofs, so maybe poof or cheese as a suffix? Grasspoof? Perfect.

Grasspoof: a cool tone brown tom with white speckles on his face, back, and tail, and shining amber eyes.

Now for the child prodigy, ten year old college student, Chloe. Chloe is extremely smart, and has even invented a mind reading machine! Maybe Mind could be a suffix? Or Bright as a prefix? Brightmind is nice but it sounds kinda dum. So maybe Brightspark or Brightjump for the jumper she is always seen wearing? Just cause I like the name, Brightjump is Chloe’s warrior name!

Brightjump: a brown and ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with thin black rings around her deep blue eyes.

Now Ranger Tabes, the forest ranger and leader of the Poppy Rangers. Poppy can be a prefix or a suffix for her, and maybe orange or ginger for her hair colour? Gingerpoppy? Poppyfreckle? Gingerfreckle? I can’t decide! I’ll let you guys choose. Let me know in the comments which one you like!

Gingerpoppy/Poppyfreckle/Gingerfreckle: A slightly diluted ginger she-cat with light brown freckles on her face and tail.

Let’s not forget Darrel, the kind friend of the bears and owner of Super Rad Mouse Pads. Mouse could be in the name, and Darrel is a loyal friend, so maybe Mousefire or Mousevine because it sounds nice? Oooo Mousetuft! It just sounds like the name of a kind of brackenfur character, just a nice bloke with a generic name. So, Mousetuft it is!

Mousetuft: a brown tom cat with amber eyes and a black tail.

And Nom Nom, the internet famous koala wit a seriorpus anger management problem. I personally hate nom-nom, so in his warrior name I want to show his cuteness and also his personality. So fluff could be in the name. Fluffstrike I like because it sound funny or Fluffstorm or Stormfluff. OOO THUNDERFLUFF.

Thunderfluff: A long-furred grey tom with big ears and yellow eyes.

Now last but not least, Ralph, the buff and arrogant jock Bigfoot with white fur and a bad reputation for scaring people. So maybe Claw as a suffix, and ghost as a prefix because he is white and he scares people? There we have it. Ghostclaw!

Ghostclaw: a large white tom with long, matted fur and brown eyes.

I think that’s enough with the names, onto references!

Now, this series has a LOT of references to other media, and I mean a LOT. But the warrior cats ones surprised me. Our first reference is obviously not a coincidence. In the episode, The Kitty, when choosing a name for the “kitty” (later discovered to be a baby puma) Grizz says
“What about Tiger Claw?” Before Panda replies:
“Nah, sounds too evil.”, a definite reference to the big baddie of Warriors. The second is very likely to be purely coincidental. In the episode: The Audition, Ice Bear gives himself a stage name when auditioning for the frosty fluffs commercial, Alonzo Tigerheart. Tigerheart. This is probably just a coincidence, but still. I think these references wormed their way in through a warrior cats fan in the team that made the show.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article! Which names were your favourite? Have I missed any characters you would like to see in there? Have a nice day y’all and happy birthday, Andy!
Thorni, out.

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