Putting Phineas and Ferb Characters into a Warriors World by Eaglefrost

Eaglefrost puts characters from Phineas and Ferb into clans of Warriors.

Official poster for Phineas and Ferb

For this article I will be giving Phineas and Ferb characters warrior names and putting them in Clans.

Phineas Flynn would be Pouncefall because it fits with his initials but according to the name meanings Pounce sounds like a cat who is energetic and Phineas is a very energetic character. I feel like Phineas would do well in RiverClan because I feel like he sees the beauty in everything and RiverClan does that.

Ferb Fletcher would be Silentflame because he is so quiet, but according to a Warrior names dictionary on DeviantArt, flame means wise and I feel like Ferb is a wise character. I imagine that he would be a medicine cat. I feel like Ferb would fit in with WindClan, not because he’s particularly fast, but because I feel like he would be the most spiritual like WindClan.

Candace Flynn would be Tigerstorm because I feel like Tigers are a strong, maybe slightly bossy character and Candace is a bossy older sister and storm also gives the indication of a strong character. I feel like she fits ShadowClan. ShadowClan are known to be ambitious and Candace is very ambitious.

Perry the Platypus would be Blueclaw because his fur is blue and claw because he’s a good fighter. The article also said that Blue means wise, calm, collected, meek, and intelligent. A lot of these traits remind me of Perry. I feel like Perry would do well in ShadowClan because I feel like, even though he’s wise, he’s ambitious and secretive like ShadowClan.

I once wrote a fanfic about Heinz Doofenshmirtz being raised by ThunderClan instead of being raised by ocelots like in the show and his warrior name in that was Dewsplash and I feel like that fits. It sounds kind of like Doofenshmirtz. According to the DeviantArt article, the meaning of Dew is intelligent and despite his bumbling appearance, Doof is actually an intelligent character. I feel like Doof would fit well with ShadowClan because even though he’s bumbling, he has strong ambitions.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro would be Honeyheart because this sounds like a sweet, but love-struck cat and Isabella has unrequited love for Phineas. I feel like she would fit in well with ThunderClan because I feel like she tries to help everyone she can.

Buford von Stomm would be Badgerstorm because this sounds like an aggressive character who is ready to fight at any moment and maybe causes unnecessary fights, but at the end of the day, is a very loyal warrior. That would be Buford. Buford’s Clan is pretty obvious: ShadowClan. He’s a bully, secretive, and only looks out for his own like ShadowClan cats.

Baljeet Tjinder would be Brownfur because I imagine his fur would be brown since he is from India. I feel like he would be RiverClan because I feel like, as a budding scientist, he sees the beauty in everything.

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