[Rootspring and Bristlefrost beside each other with blushing faces]

Best and Worst Warrior Ships by Fernpaw and Blogclan

Fernpaw and BlogClan vote on who are the best and worst ships from the series.

[Rootspring and Bristlefrost beside each other with blushing faces]
Art by CozmicDoodles
[Rootspring and Bristlefrost beside each other with blushing faces]

Hello Blogclan, this is Fernpaw with my first article! For this article, about 15 Blogclanners answered my question about which warrior ship was their fav/least fav.
I will be announcing the results here, along with my thoughts and analysis. I hope you enjoy it!
Best ships: Worst ships:
Bristlefrost × Rootspring 9 votes
Firestar × sandstorm 3 vote Jayfeather × half moon 5 votes
Crowfeather × feathertail 1 vote mapleshade × appledusk 2 votes
Crowfeather × Leafpool 1 vote Greystripe × millie 3 votes
Crowfeather × Leafpool 4 vote Greystripe × silverstram 1 vote Firestar × sandstorm
Jayfeather × half moon Bristlefrost × Rootspring
Firestar × spottedleaf Crowfeather × feathertail
Greystripe × millie Greystripe × silverstram
mapleshade × appledusk Firestar × spottedleaf
Tigerstar × sasha Tigerstar × sasha

so now it’s time for my thoughts and analysis. starting from the best ships:
Bristleroot ok, this one i agree with blogclan. they got 9 votes! that’s a lot. their
relationship was a bit rocky but you could always tell they were meant
for each other -Tansypaw
I love Bristleroot because it was super tragic but well written – Palepaw

Crow/ feathertail so… both crow ships got 1 vote. so which is better? it’s hard to say.
Crow/leafpool Feahtertail was his first love; he was younger then, so it was probably
more like a teenage love. however, i really loved feathertail’s lasts
words to crowfeather (crowpaw at the time) i think most people felt
the deep love between the two.
leafpool was a later love; i think it was good for crowfeahter to have
had two loves, and i’m not sure what else to say about it. both feather
and leaf were gentle she-cats.

Firesand after the death of spottedleaf, sandstorm fell in love with firestar, and
Firestar began to love her back. it was a healthy relationship, and
spottedleaf approved, wanting firestar to be happy, despite her love for

Greysilver hm… here we have another teenage love. personally i prefer this one
over grey/millie, and i wasn’t all that happy when greystripe brought
Millie with him. Silverstream was greystipe’s love at first sight, and i think
the experience was important for greystripe.

Ok, now for the worst ships!

Jay /moon half moon was in love with jay’s wing, not jayfeather. It doesn’t make
sense for him to want to stay in the past with her – Echoheart
This ship, i liked ok, but what echoheart said makes sense. Many people
argue about this, i’m sure.

Crow/leaf so this ship got votes for both best and worst… let’s see what a
Blogclanner says!
I dislike Crow x Leaf. *dodges tomatoes* It was kinda rushed, super
disloyal, and caused so many cats harmed. They weren’t thinking
anything through and it was super reckless – Palepaw

Mapleapple Appledusk was a really bad mate to Mapleshade- I mean, after their kits
drowned, the least he could do was to let Mapleshade stay with them in
the camp to recover at least? But nope, they cast her out, and they’d
even treated rogues better! I mean, I kinda hate Mapleshade (Yeah) but
still -Frostedmist
I dunno what else to say… you said it all, Frostedmist!

Greymillie Millie was so mean to bumble and blossom, and gave briar all the
attention when she wanted it the LEAST. AND she screamed at
Jayfeather for not knowing something! – Mushroompaw
Ok, i suppose this means millie didn’t deserve greystripe. True, Millie
wasn’t the best mother.

Firespotted this was a love that couldn’t be taken any farther. I liked this ship, but
perhaps it was for the best that spottedleaf died when she did.

Firesand why would you not like this ship?! It was healthy and stable; maybe this
person just prefered Firespotted/ i dunno.

Ok, that’s it! Thank you, Blogclanners, for voting, and special thanks to Tansypaw, Palepaw, Echoheart, Frostedmist, and Mushroompaw for your comments! Also, would you like a part 2? If you would, any ships you would like me to do? Thank you so much for reading this article, Fernpaw out!

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