June Contests + April Contest Prizes!

Hello everyone and welcome to the third edition of the BlogClan Contests! This time the contests have a theme… to tie in with something else exciting happening on the Blog! 😀 (Which from the way the posts have ended up being published has already been revealed to you!!) I hope you’ll enjoy the contests I’ve come up with, but first up here is the prize giving from the April Contests!

For Amethystpaw, (formerly Swiftpaw) here is your prize for runner up of the caption contest:

Art by Eagleflight of BlogClan.
A headshot drawing of a brown tabby cat with amber eyes.

For Fernmist, here is your prize for winner of the caption contest:

(My current understanding is that you are still deciding the secret page as part of your prize – you can request it at any time of your wishing in the future for as long as I am on the Blog to make it for you. 🙂 )

Art by Eagleflight of BlogClan.
A ginger and white cat with green eyes sits staring into the distance.

For Ravage_wolf, here is your prize as runner up of the art contest:

WolfClan – BlogClan (katecary.co.uk)

For Palepaw, here are your prizes as winner of the art contest:

Palepaw’s Secret Page – BlogClan (katecary.co.uk)

Art by Eagleflight of BlogClan.
A purple-grey cat lays down, curled up in a ball.

This is an alternate version of the drawing as I couldn’t really decide which one I preferred: https://freeimage.host/i/Jb1KTts

For Shiverpaw/wind, here is your prize as runner up of the writing contest:

Snowbell’s Secrets – BlogClan (katecary.co.uk)

For Solarpaw/flare, here is your prize as runner up of the writing contest:

Art by Eagleflight of BlogClan.
A headshot drawing of a silver tabby cat with amber eyes.

From my understanding, Sorrelpaw is still deciding their prizes, and Shadowspirit and Eggsnake I didn’t hear from but they are also welcome to still claim their prizes if they wish so. 🙂 Same goes for anyone who didn’t claim a prize from the February Contests.

Anyhow, I hope you all like your prizes! 😀

Now for the June Contests! This time though with two twists – I’ll explain below.

Firstly, this time the contests are all themed around the same thing, something which has not happened before. I hope you’ll like this and the other things that are in store for you this summer!
Secondly, this time the contests will be open to enter for a lot longer than before. This is because for me, I am going to get very busy in the coming months and I don’t feel it would be fair to have the contests open for a month but then not be able to judge them and make prizes until months afterwards. This time there will be 4 contests so more things to enter over the longer period of time. You will have nearly 3 months to enter these contests as they will be open until August 20th, and the results will come out after then. 🙂


  • One entry per contest per person. (you may enter as many of the contests as you would like, but only enter each contest once, please. If you enter multiple times for one contest, I will only count your first submission.)
  • Entries must be submitted before 08:00 am UTC+1 (BlogTime) on the 20th August 2024 (this is midnight in PST, and 3am in EST to name a few common timezones) to be judged! (I’ll try my best to remove the form then, so no more entries can be submitted, anyway)
  • Entries must be submitted through the form. (this removes any risk of copying etc. as no one can see anyone else’s entry)
  • The content of your entries must still be in line with the BlogClan rules and be BlogClan appropriate.

For this contest, you will need to create an artwork based on the prompt below. Your artwork can be any medium, as long as you can upload a file of it or submit a photo of it. This time, you may include BlogClan purrsonas only.

The prompt: “Create an artwork of you and some of your BlogClan buddies in either the BlogClan Camp or another significant location from Trailing Stars”

You can also tell me a little about which location your artwork is in, who it features, and about your artwork in general when you submit it. 🙂

Good luck and have fun! 😀

Script writing!

For this contest, you will need to write a scene from Trailing Stars in a movie-script format. The scene can be any of your choice, provided it happened in one of Trailing Stars’ 28 chapters. There is no word limit but remember it is one scene, and not the entire book! 😛

I would encourage you to be detailed in your script so that readers can really envision the setting and emotions at play. You can add more details to your script than what is mentioned in the chapter itself as each chapter is told from one cat’s POV so that cat might not have remarked every little thing going on. You don’t have to follow the scene in the chapter exactly, and can deviate to an extent, but make sure it is still recognisable and serves the same purpose in the story that it’s original writer intended it to. I’m also not expecting your script to be formatted like an actual movie script – it will be fine submitted in the form directly, or written in a google doc. 🙂

In your submission please tell me which chapter your scene has come from!

Here is a link to all the chapters in Trailing Stars to get you started: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/category/trailing-stars/trailing-stars-chapters

One more thing to note, is if including the character Hazelburrow in your scene, please use she/her pronouns, not he/him as was originally written in the chapters. 🙂

Good luck and have fun! 😀

For this contest I would like you to write me a limerick. A limerick is a type of poem consisting of one stanza (a grouped set of lines in a poem) only. It has 5 lines and these rhyme in the pattern AABBA – this means that the first, the second, and the fifth lines (all represented by the letter A) rhyme, and the third and fourth line (represented by the letter B) rhyme with each other.

Often, limericks are meant to be humourous poems! The third and fourth lines are often shorter than the first two lines, but I don’t mind if your limerick doesn’t exactly follow the line length of a traditional limerick. If you’re interested, here is a website which tells you a bit more about limericks: https://www.nightzookeeper.com/resources/poetry/how-to-write-limericks

For the purpose of this contest I would like your limerick to be about your purrsona/you in the world of Trailing Stars. Other than this, you have completely free-reign to decide what to include in your limerick!

When submitting your entry, please tell me a little about what your limerick is about!

Good luck and have fun! 😀

Apologies for the name of the contest, I wasn’t sure how else to call it – perhaps “description contest”?

Anyhow, for this contest, I would like you to write me an answer to my question! A paragraph will suffice. I will judge your answers partly based on the idea, and partly on your writing.

“I race up the hill leading to the cliffs, paws crashing down on rocks, moss, tree roots, leaves; I barely notice any jolt of pain that might have otherwise caused me to stop, intent on my destination. My tail streaming out behind me, I hurry over pebbles, some sent scattering in streams as my hind legs land carelessly in my rush to reach the top. The pile of boulders looms up over me staggeringly fast and gasping for breath I begin to clamber upwards pushing my paws into the cracks, claws digging in, one boulder, then another, then another. Gripping the rock so tightly I fear I might split it in two, I haul myself over the edge of the top most boulder, chest heaving as I stand, legs trembling in my exhaustion. I’m on the edge of the cliff, I look around. What do I see?”

For your answer, you should describe what you think the cat would see. This cat is a cat in the world of Trailing Stars so is a human in cat form and therefore would recognise things from the human world.

Good luck and have fun! 😀

Please submit your entries via the form below!


My file won’t upload! -> it exceeds the maximum file limit for our site! Please shrink the file or photo size and then reupload. On a laptop, if you open the image you should have the option to ‘resize image’ (on my windows laptop this is when you right click with your mouse over the image). On a tablet or phone, you can screenshot your image and then crop the screenshot.
I don’t want my entry to get cut off! -> if you are entering a written contest, then I would highly recommend writing your entry somewhere else (e.g. a google doc) and then copy and pasting the contents into the form so that you still have a copy of it yourself in case it gets cut off.
I accidentally clicked submit when I hadn’t finished filling out the form! -> don’t worry! I will realise when going through the entries. Just fill out the whole form with the entire entry – the incomplete one won’t count as your entry to the contest, the rule is there to make sure people don’t enter many different entries to the same contest.

And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this post and are interested in entering some of the contests! If you have any questions, then write them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 🙂

I hope you have a brilliant day today! <3

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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