TSGN Updates + Design Contest!

Hello lovely people! It’s Pineblossom here along with Darkwing, and we finally have some exciting updates to share about TSGN 😀

image description: a kitten stands on a glass surface with paint on their paws, a colorful background behind them

Before we begin, let’s review some facts about the graphic novel right now…


The Trailing Stars Graphic Novel, abbreviated to TSGN, is a graphic novel based on the Blogclan fanfiction, Trailing Stars! You can read the completed Trailing Stars story here, and view the parts of TSGN so far here.


The most recent TSGN part was drawn by our very own Liv, and it wraps up Chapter One of Trailing Stars! To clarify, every chapter of Trailing Stars is broken down into several parts; for example, the first chapter had 12 parts. Future part signups will be released with more information!

What changes are coming to TSGN?

A bit of blog history: the most recent TSGN chapter was drawn in…2021! Yep, it’s been three years 😛 So me and Liv will be revamping TSGN lots!!! The biggest news to announce, though is…

Signups for artists will open on June 15th!

More details on the changes will be announced in a post on that day, including information on specific artist roles, communication, and schedules. Look forward to that!

Until then, however, we have some other exciting news to share…

image description: a blurry image of a surprised looking cat


That’s right – YOU will have the chance to create a character design for some important characters in TSGN! We thought this would be a great way to kick off the project again, as well as provide an introduction to one of the new artist roles coming soon for TSGN – Character Designers! (which, more details will be available soon of course 😛)

For now, though, do you feel like trying out your designing paws? Have a love for creating and drawing OC designs ? This contest’s for you…

For this contest, you will create a design for any of the characters below! You may use this base drawn by @scribbleibble on Instagram (though make sure to leave the credit in when you use it!), another free-to-use base, or draw the design completely from scratch. Both digital and traditional submissions are allowed.

The lucky characters who need designs are Rainbowheart, Hazelburrow, and the one and only Cakestar!

RAINBOWHEART – …actually doesn’t have a physical description! We’re leaving it up to you guys to design her character based on her personality 😀 Rainbowheart is:

  • A warrior who is observant and good at tracking (Chapter 3)
  • Defiant and outspoken (Chapter 11)
  • Uses she/her pronouns

HAZELBURROW – a hazel colored cat with white legs and turquoise eyes. Hazelburrow is:

  • A senior warrior and Cakestar’s child, and close with her mother; also good friends with Dawnmist
  • Innovative and comes up with many ideas, such as finding food in Twolegplace (Chapter 6) and building underground dens (Chapter 10)
  • Upbeat and eager to keep her paws busy and help out
  • Though in the Trailing Stars story she uses he/him pronouns, she now uses she/her pronouns

CAKESTAR – a red tabby she-cat with long fur, a lion like mane and amber eyes. Cakestar is:

  • The leader of BlogClan 😛 A strong but caring leader, who takes charge quickly after the clan finds each other; good at uniting the clan and inspiring everyone to work towards the same goal, and able to make decisions for the whole clan, even in difficult times
  • Brave and organized, even attempting to lead the clan while she was sick
  • Trusts Copperclaw, the deputy, with helping to care for the clan, and is also close with Dawnmist and Hazelburrow
  • Uses she/her pronouns
  • You may create a design for any number of characters that you’d like – whether you want to design one cat or three cats!
  • About the design itself:
    • Please keep in mind that these designs are going to be for a graphic novel! That means that they’re going to be drawn over and over and over again 😛 so stay away from super complex and specific patterns and designs!
    • Avoid giving the characters accessories – since these characters are directly from the Trailing Stars story, they are set in a place similar to the original Warriors books, where the cats don’t have accessories.
    • Follow the written descriptions that we provide! They’re pretty vague, which allows flexibility for creativity, but we’d still like these characters to be recognizable in the graphic novel 😀
  • Entries must be submitted before 08:00 am UTC+1 (BlogTime) on the 14th June 2024 (this is midnight in PST, and 3am in EST to name a few common timezones; here’s a timezone converter for your convenience)! This gives you about two weeks to do your design – we know that’s shorter than the usual contests, but we considered that you all will probably have more time since it’s summer, and base designs don’t take as long as full drawings. Especially since the TSGN timeline is pretty tight, it’s important for you to turn in your entries on time!
  • Entries must be submitted through the form. (this removes any risk of copying etc. as no one can see anyone else’s entry)
  • The content of your entries must still be in line with the BlogClan rules and be BlogClan appropriate; in particular, they may not be plagiarized from other artists, or use artificial intelligence.


My file won’t upload! -> it exceeds the maximum file limit for our site! Please shrink the file or photo size and then reupload. On a laptop, if you open the image you should have the option to ‘resize image’ (on my windows laptop this is when you right click with your mouse over the image). On a tablet or phone, you can screenshot your image and then crop the screenshot.

If problems persist, you can post your entr(ies) in a comment, and we will let you know we have received it and leave it unmodded.

I’m super-duper-oober-goober excited to see all your entries, and to be kicking off this project again and finally doing my government-assigned mod job shhhh 😀 We can’t wait to see the best creativity and talent that BlogClan has to offer, and we hope you get hyped for TSGN through this contest!!! If you have any questions, comment down below and we’ll answer them speedy quick 😛 Have a fantastic day, and get designing!

🕊️🎞️🧺 pineblossom (she/her) 🕰️🏹☁️ intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming 🤍📜☕️ mentor to skyshimmer! 🫖🎻⏳

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