Happy Birthday, Bunnyfreckle!


Happy birthday Bunnyfreckle! How are you on your fantabulous day? I hope youโ€™re having the most AMAZING day that you deserve! So what has been happening with you? Have you received any cool gifts that you wouldn’t mind sharing? What was something positive that happened? Whatever way your special day goes, BlogClan is happy to having you and your positive comments around! I personally think you are so sweet Hopii, and your PFP is GORGEOUS. Anywho, letโ€™s see what special treats BlogClan has for you!

Several white rabbits gather on a pink cake with the words โ€œHappy Birthdayโ€ in the background

Look at all of those rabbits! And the cake looks delicious!

a cake in the shape of a bunny face, decorated with jelly beans
A coconut rabbit cake with blue frosting and jellybeans

How about this delicious looking rabbit-cake?

BlogClan loves you, Hopii! Make sure to have a โ€œhoppyโ€ birthday!

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