Happy Birthday, Rainbowpaw!

Happy Birthday Rainbowpaw/flower! BlogClan is here to celebrate you on your special day! How has your day been so far? Here’s a cool poem I made for you! (It’s a birthday haiku!)

Glistening in clouds

A shimmer of all colors

A pretty rainbow

Hope you like it!

A gray pixel cat with a donut body flys through the stars with a rainbow trail behind it

Here’s a cute meme cat I found!

A rainbow and cream layered cake

Plus, look at this delicious cake!

Again, the happiest of birthdays to you Rainbowpaw! You are such a sweet and beautiful person! Hope you have an amazing day!

🐟🐟Riverspirit:)✝️(River/Riv) "I did not teach you this, the darkness did, and you loved it."- Silverwisp // IN THE SHADOW OF REGRET PART 2 RELEASES IN 5 DAYS!!!! 😱😱😱

Riding aback a hippogriff, soaring over the open ocean and under the stars