[designs of Snowkit and Snowtuft side-by-side]

Is snowkit snowtuft? by Rainbowflower

Rainbowflower takes a look at the theory that Snowkit is Snowtuft.

[designs of Snowkit and Snowtuft side-by-side]
Art by manywarriorcats (tumblr)
[designs of Snowkit and Snowtuft side-by-side]

Hey! This is my first article, hope you enjoy!!
Look, i really like the idea that snowkit might actually be snowtuft, but there are some major flaws in the whole story.
1. Snowkit was a thunderclan cat, who got carried off by a hawk, while snowtuft was a shadowclan cat, and he said it himself during the broken code. So basically, somehow a shadowclan cat would have had to save snowkit from a HAWK, when it was on the way to his nest, flying near the CLOUDS, when thunderclan couldnt even save snowkit when he was near the ground. And then he would have after being saved become evil, which i just cant imagine.
2. Ok this is the big one. Snowkit was DEAF, therefore unable to become a real warrior, and especially a EVIL warrior. And, the warrior website itself states that snowkit went to starclan after being carried away by the hawk, where he was able to hear (starclan cat privileges lol)
3. I also personally think that if in starclan you get your problems taken away (ex. Briarlight can walk in starclan, longtail can see, etc.) then in the dark forest maybe they dont? So if snowkit went to the dark forest, then he might not be able to hear. Im not sure about this one, but still.
4. And maybe they look alike, and sure, they have the same name, but snowtuft says he has been in the dark forest for so long that he cant remember what he did wrong, or his life, he just knows he did something. Meanwhile, tigerstar the 1st still remembers what he did, and the rest of his life too, and he was there before snowkit died (i think? But tigerstar the 1st is still older)
And lastly, i just dont think the Erin hunter team would make this type of thing in the books, as its not the warrior cat style in my opinion.
so yea, thats my first article, i hope you enjoyed reading! No hate please, as this is just what i think 🙂 thanks for reading, Bye everyone!

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