white frosted lemon cake with white icing swirls and lemon slices on top

Happy Clanniversary, Lemonpaw!

Today is Lemonpaw/freckle’s Clanniversary!!

close up shot of a lemon tree, bright yellow lemons nestled among green leaves

Hi, Lemony!! Today (June 4th, 2024) marks the date of your FIRST Clanniversary! That’s so, so excitingg! You are simply the zest (Lemon pun, anyone?) and fill the Blog with so much positivity and kindness! You truly have a gift to brighten up everyone’s days and don’t even get me tarted on how friendly you are to every single person on the Blog (😉)

white frosted lemon cake with white icing swirls and lemon slices on top

Here’s a Clanniversary cake for you, Lem! It’s a lemon cake – which are some of my favourite types of cake! It doesn’t taste as sour as it sounds, I promise 😛 I can’t even choose a specific thing I like about this cake – the whole thing just looks delicious! I hope you like it too 💛

Here are some questions for you to answer, if you’d like!

  1. What’s your favourite Blog memory?
  2. Are there any specific things you hope to accomplish in your time on BlogClan? (Hosting a game during a Gathering, becoming deputy, etc)
  3. What’s your favourite thing about the Blog?


fluffy brown and white tabby cat stands amongst a flurry of colourful confetti, while more confetti rains down from the ceiling

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