[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

How to Change Warrior Cat Society For the Better by JackdawPaw

JackdawPaw suggests ways to improve society in the Warrior Cats world.

[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

(SPOILERS! I think this kinda goes without saying tho)

As plot lines in Warrior Cats are repeated, I feel more and more like there are solutions that could easily solve many of them. Events like medicine cats falling in love or half-clan relationships are seen more often as we progress in arcs. Here are some changes that I personally think could fix many of these boring, repetitive situations. (And even make for some new drama-inducing events!)

Part 1: Borders

TigerStar may have been xenophobic and murderous, but he was right about one thing. It really isn’t necessary that the clans are divided so much when, really, they’re all about the same. Let me explain.
Each clan has almost no differences. Yes, ThunderClan climbs trees and RiverClan cats swim, but they all do pretty much the same thing. They all have the same systems and cultures, but one or two of their hunting techniques are different. I feel like we could simply take away the borders. But, you may be wondering, wouldn’t it be hard for some cats do adapt to new territories? To answer your question, it would. But I believe that there should still be RiverClan cats in the marshes and SHadowClan cats in the pines. Simply take away borders, and cats aren’t constantly pestered with, “What are you here for?!” and, “I need to take you to (insert leader name here) so they know you’re trespassing!” every time you want to go to the Moonpool. This brings me to my next topic.

Part 2: Roles

I think all the clans could benefit from more roles. (spoiler) For example, Tree, a mediator in SkyClan, takes the role of peace. He settles disputes and fights between clans, (and his own clanmates in SkyClan) which is very honorable. But, instead of just having one mediator, I believe there should be one for every clan. The mediator shouldn’t have an apprentice, as it’d be weird to train a cat in settling fights. Instead, when a mediator dies, retires, is exiled, etc, a well-minded cat with skills already similar to those of a mediator should either be chosen by the leader or step up to take the role themselves.

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  • Good article! Sad itt got cut off but I disagree with the first one we need borders its wat keeps them standing (dont mind my typos)😭