[a simple design of Dovewing standing]

Debating Dovewing by Hollypaw and Flamepaw

Hollypaw and Flamepaw share their thoughts on Dovewing.

[a simple design of Dovewing standing]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a simple design of Dovewing standing]

Hi! It’s Hollypaw, and me and Flamepaw are here to talk about a very controversial character: Dovewing. I will be telling you why I like her, and Flam will be telling you why she dislikes her! Let’s start! 😀

Hollypaw: Dovewing is a realistic and relatable character for me. I don’t believe she’s a Mary Sue, because she has both positive and negative traits, creating a unique personality. Dovewing is kind and caring, but she can also be naive, often jumps to the worst conclusions, and is sensitive. For me, her inner struggles and anxiety are very relatable, and I find myself very engaged in her story, cheering for Dovewing the whole way through. And many people say that she was whiny and overreacted about her powers. I completely disagree. How would you feel if a prophecy and a huge destiny was suddenly shoved on you? And the end of OOTS was a while after the beginning, so it wasn’t just like suddenly she goes from disliking her powers to liking them. And I haven’t read Tigerheart’s Shadow, but she was likely really scared her Clan would exile her or worse, so she ran away. She wasn’t overreacting about that either. And even if she did overreact sometimes, that’s part of her personality and what she’s gone through and I really don’t see why that’s bad. In conclusion, Dovewing is very relatable, amazing, and will always be one of my favorite characters! 😀

Flamepaw: I agree that Dovewing did have reason to jump to the worst conclusions and get anxious about that, (she did witness Rippletail get murdered by beavers shortly after being apprenticed! Yay! /s) but her story was much too exaggerated for me. For practically all of the Fourth Apprentice, she whined endlessly about having her powers, and for the rest of OotS she still doesn’t ever seem to “like” them. Then when she loses her powers, she goes BALLISTIC. I know it would be a huge shift going from hearing/seeing practically everything to only hearing/seeing as average (for her though, it was practically feeling like she was blind/deaf), but it just rubbed me the wrong way how she went from “oH I HATE MY STUPID POWERS” to “nOOOOooOOOoOOOoOO I’M DEAF”, if ya know what I mean, haha 😛 And I was okay-ish with her for part of AVoS; main characters who turn to non-POVs usually aren’t too awful, but when she abandoned her Clan AS A PREGNANT QUEEN and then came back with her ex-boyfriend and his children and then ditched her whole family, it truly infuriated me. She had always been petty and spoiled, but for me this was crossing a whole new line. Then in TBC, she just seemed like she was all googly-eyed for Tigerheartstar the whole time and had absolutely no personality. But what truly was the final straw for me was Bristlefrost’s death. Ivypool was absolutely broken with grief, and Dovewing just cries about how her “poor baby Shadowsight” could’ve gotten hurt. BRO YOUR NIECE JUST DIED AND WILL NEVER GET TO GO TO STARCLAN AND YOU’RE WORRIED THAT YOUR NOBODY SON GOT SCRATCHED. WHAT THE HECK?! And now in ASC, she still has no personality and is still head-over-heels for Tigerheartstar, who’s turning out to be even more of a jerk than ever. She literally refused to even have a normal conversation with Ivypool because she thought she’d have to “betray her wonderful, amazing, StarClan-blessed husband”. I truly despise Dovewing, and she’s just so infuriating. However, this is still my opinion and I hope no one gets upset by this! 😀

So that’s the end of our article! We hope you enjoyed, and may StarClan light your path!

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