[headshots of Brightheart and Cloudtail looking at each other lovingly]

My Opinion On Some Ships In The Prophecies Begin by Acornblaze

Acornblaze shares their thoughts on some ships from the first arc.

[headshots of Brightheart and Cloudtail looking at each other lovingly]
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[headshots of Brightheart and Cloudtail looking at each other lovingly]

SPOILER WARNING: There will be spoilers almost every arc, as most of the Ships have kits later than The Prophecies Begin.
Hello! It’s Acornblaze, back with another article. I am going to tell you my opinions on some of the best warrior cat ships in the first warrior arc, The Prophecies Begin. Remember these are just opinions, you are welcome to have your own, I’m just sharing mine!
Cloudtail x Brightheart
Everyone knows and loves this ship, and I’m no exception. They are so cute together and when Brightheart is injured by dogs, Cloudtail was always supporting her and being kind to her. Then they become mates and have Whitekit, who grows up to become Whitewing and has her own kits, Dovewing and Ivypool. Then they go on to have kits and so on. Brightheart and Cloudtail also have a second litter, Dewnose Snowbush, and Ambermoon. It is so fun watching them become parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. This ship only had a few downsides, like when Daisy joined the clan and he started spending more time with her because she understood his kittypet background, but that quickly wore off (I still don’t know where the Erins were going with that). Besides that, Cloudtail and Brightheart have always been loyal to each other.
Smallear x Speckletail
Most of the warriors fans don’t even know that these two were mates (Including me until I did research for ships). It makes sense that they were mates as they were both around the same age and elders in the first arc. I really like their first litter of kits, Goldenflower and Lionheart. Who both grew up to be warriors and had kits of their own. Then Smallear and Speckletail had another litter, Snowkit and Mistlekit. Sadly neither of their second litter reached apprenticeship. Mistlekit died quickly after birth and Snowkit was taken by a hawk. His death is still considered one of the saddest kit deaths. Both elders then died, but their descendants will live on in both ShadowClan and ThunderClan. I don’t know how I feel about this one, Smallear was never really there for their kits and was kinda a bad mate. I think it’s cute, but I don’t love it.
Lionheart x Frostfur
I really like this ship! Lionheart is a very noble warrior and I believe he loved Frostfur. Although we never really see them interact I think this is because Lionheart dies so quickly and Frostfur is busy nursing and caring for kits. They had Thornclaw, Brightheart, Cinderpelt, and Brackenfur together and all of their kits turned out to be great cats! I think that this ship is just so perfect.
Tigerstar x Goldenflower
I do not like this ship, I think Goldenflower fell in love with Tigerstar, but Tigerstare didn’t love her back. He simply used her to gain popularity with the queens and some of the warriors who were friends with Goldenflower. I don’t ever remember him interacting with Goldenflower, Tawnykit, or Bramblekit. Then when he switched clans they suddenly became relevant because he wanted more cats for his own clan, I don’t think he even truly cared about them. When he left poor Goldenflower was left all alone with two kits to raise. This ship just doesn’t work.
Firestar x Cinderpelt
Honestly, I don’t support this ship, I never saw them having a crush on eachother or ever being romantic. I remember Firestar saying that he felt bad for the life she could have had, but he never mentions her being his mate. I don’t really like this ship, but I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.
Firestar x Spottedleaf
I have mixed feelings about this ship, but I don’t really like it. I feel like it was just an apprentice who thought a medicine ca was pretty and had a crush on her. An apprentice crush that never worked out, that is all it is in my mind. Then Spotttedleaf visited him in his dreams, and still loved him even after he was mates with Sandstorm. I don’t think Firestar even had a crush on her after that, but she kept on visiting him, and it was kinda creepy. I don’t really like this ship that much.
Firestar x Sandstorm
This is the ship I prefer. Sandpaw used to bully Firepaw and was angry when he was made a warrior. It was cool to see her change moods when Firestar saved her from falling off of a cliff into the gorge. Then they had kits and did a good job of raising them. I like this ship and there isn’t much more to say.
Ferncloud x Dustpelt
I liked seeing Dustpelt and Ferncloud rais each of their kits, and I think they were a good ship. It was so sad seeing Hollykit and Larchkit starve to death, and they definitely had hard times. But they stayed together through it all. The only weird thing about this ship is that Dustpelt is Ferncloud’s uncle. But overall I like it. (Robbinwing and Fuzzypelt had Brindleface and Dustpelt and Brindleface’s daughter is Ferncloud.)
Graystripe x Silverstream
I like this ship, even if it is really underdeveloped. It is the original Graystripe ship and it will always have a special place in my heart. It was simple and Silverstream may have been a Mary Sue, but it drove the plot, and I still like it.
Whitestorm x Willowpelt
The last ship I will be talking about is Whitestorm x Willowpelt. Some of you would say Whitestorm is weird because he had two mates at the same time (Willowpelt and Brindleface). And It does say this on the family tree, but I disagree. Not everything on the family tree is canon and Whitestorm x Brindleface is one of those things, It is never said Whitestorm is Brindleface’s mate in the books. You can learn more about this in this video by Sunnyfall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hXo8jhM3cA (I highly recommend this video, Sunnyfall is a great creator of warriors content!). I really like Whitestorm x Willowpelt, and I remember reading that Whitestorm would go and check on her and their kits in the nursery. It is a great ship and I really like it.

Thankyou for reading all the way to the end! I’d love to hear all of your opinions in the comments! Acornblaze out!

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