Giving 2003 TMNT Characters Warrior Names by Brackentuft

Brackentuft gives 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters warrior cat names.

Official poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Hi! I’m Brackentuft and today I shall be giving 2003 TMNT characters warrior names. 2003 TMNT is one of my favorite shows (along with everything TMNT 😛) and in one of my other articles I either put that I hate this show or was in the middle of watching it. I think it was the former. If so, I said that I didn’t like it because I had never watched it back then. Now I’ve seen everything related to it, lol. Anyways, I really love this iteration of TMNT and I wanted to do this. *SPOILERS FOR ANYTHING 2003 TMNT RELATED*

Donatello: I’m gonna start with my favorite character! I think that the name Quietbranch would suit him. I chose Quiet because this Donnie is a bit more calmer and peaceful than other iterations (and I LOVE that, I also love the other iterations that aren’t like that too). I chose -branch because of his weapon and how in that one episode Savanti Romero uses the time scepter to turn Donnie’s bo staff into a branch. Then Renet hits Savanti with it and knocks him unconscious. Revenge of the bo staff, lol.

Michelangelo: After a bit of thought, I decided on the name Robinsong. I chose this name because robins are very loud and somewhat aggressive. Mikey’s not really aggressive, but he is competitive and is very skillful, he just needs the right motivation. I love this Mikey (and all Mikeys) but I know that some people don’t like him and think he’s annoying, so this is another reason why I thought Robin would suit him. To me, it’s kind of like the birds singing in the morning. They are loud and annoying, but you can’t help but love them. I also chose Robin because they have orange chests and have cheery songs too (because Mikey is happy).

Leonardo: It was hard to choose a suffix for him but I finally decided on Forestscar. I decided on -scar immediately because of the scar that he earned in the final battle with the Shredder (part of his shell also broke off at his shoulder). I chose Forest because his tone is forest green and because a forest is calm and peaceful I guess? I don’t know, but I like the way it sounds. It makes sense in my head but not when I put it down on paper, lol.

Raphael: I feel like the name Adderflare fits him. The prefix Adder makes me think of bad-tempered and snappish, which I think describes Raph. The suffix -flare points to how his temper blazes and fizzles out all the time. I wanted to choose a really strong name that describes him and how he rushes in. I really wanted to do something to point to his accent but I couldn’t think of anything 🙁

Master Splinter: I feel like Quicktail would be good for him. Quick because he is a Ninja Master and is very fast and strong. And -tail because Splinter sometimes uses his tail to fight.

April O’Neil: I decided on the name Brightberry for April. I picked Bright because she’s really smart and I like the suffix. I chose the prefix -berry because her hair is pink and sometimes you don’t know if she’s sweet or sour.

Casey Jones: I picked Woodstrike for him. Wood because his main weapons are hockey sticks and cricket paddles and those types of things. I chose -strike because he is a good, and violent, fighter. He also gets mad easily.

Baxter Stockman: This Baxter Stockman is my favorite Stockman and the most evil one in my opinion. I chose the name Snakeeye for Stockman. I did Snake because he’s sneaky and always changing sides and being evil. I chose -eye for the suffix because, after the Shredder’s punishments, he was reduced to a brain, a spinal cord, and one eye. Also, if you roll snake eyes it’s bad luck, and let’s be honest, this guy has ALL the bad luck.

Shredder: This one was easy, I immediately picked Silverslash. Silver because of his armor and Silver makes me think of Silverpelt (like what the cats call the stars). Why, you ask? Because he is an alien and because this guy IS SO HARD TO KILL. Even though the turtles didn’t know he was an alien, later (after they know) he somehow comes back like 3 TIMES! This guy is harder to squash than a fly. Then -slash because he is spiky and the main villain of the turtles. Mikey actually calls him Mr. Spiky Pants later 🤣 (I actually named my Jolteon Mr. Spiky Pants)

Hun: This was hard but I eventually settled for Tigerspike. I wanted to pick a big, intimidating name because he is big and intimidating. I MEAN LIKE WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING THAT GUY?! Anyways, Tiger because he’s evil and HUGE and -spike because after he mutated, he got giant spikes on his shoulders.

Thanks for reading! I love TMNT with all my heart (TMNT in general) so I go overboard often when talking about it. I love how 2003 TMNT is the perfect mix of a kid’s show and adult show. My favorite designs are seasons 1-5. I also love Fast Forward but HATE Back to the Sewers (however, I do like the little jingle that goes with it). That’s all for now. Bye!!!

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