Official YouTube thumbnail for the pilot episode of The Amazing Digital Circus

Giving Tadc Warrior cat names! by Creamypaw

Creamypaw gives warrior names to characters from The Amazing Digital Circus.

Official YouTube thumbnail for the pilot episode of The Amazing Digital Circus
Official YouTube thumbnail for the pilot episode of The Amazing Digital Circus

Hello Big kitties, small kitties, cute kitties, and scary kitties *shivers*
Today i am going to give Tadc Characters Warrior cat names (this is my first time doing this so sorry if it’s bad)

First of..

Pomni – she is pretty much kinda the main character so far, and she is already going crazy (lol)
She is a jester so i guess her prefix can be Clown (I don’t care if cats don’t know what clowns are😛)
So she is Clown…. So far, so now we need a suffix which would be.. Maybe Thorn because when I think about that I think about her emotions, who she is becoming crazy.. Get it?(anybody? Nope okay only me i guess)
Or maybe Cry because she is desperate for the exit?
So Pomni`s warrior name would be Clowncry cause it sounds better

Jax- My favorite character
His Prefix would be rabbit cause he is a rabbit (and i have no idea what to put)
So Rabbit…. Is what i have so far
His suffix could be claw i guess cause he is kinda the bully in the show.
Or it could be Blaze cause of his personality Mischievous, laid back, etc
So Rabbitblaze wins, I think it fits him better.

Ragatha- the nicest from them all.
Her Prefix would be Sweet cause she is nice.
Or it can be Gentle.
And her suffix could be Heart because she cares for people.
So her name would be Sweetheart? Or Gentleheart hmmmm
I think Gentleheart wins!

Kinger- so this guy is the jumpy guy, the scary cat, the guy who jumps at every noise he hears.
His Prefix could be Quiver cause it represents his side that is scared of pretty much anything
Or Paranoid because he is Crazzzzzzzy! (yeah like Jax said!)
His Suffix could be Leap cause his is jumpy
So his name Could be QuiverLeap or Paranoidleap…
I like Paranoidleap better so it Wins!

Gangel – The cute one that stole a lot of people’s hearts, the one that has her crying side.
I think her Prefix could be Sunny to show the part of her that hides her true self.
And her suffix could be Storm to describe her sad side, the side she hides.
so her name is Sunnystorm!

Zooble – Ohhhhhh she is going to be hard, since we haven’t seen a lot of her in the pilot episode. but so far we can tell she really doesn’t care about stuff, and is probably sometimes rude. (she might have a nice side cause she was kinda nice when Pomni arrived)
We can start with Scrap (cause i have no idea what to put)
And her suffix can be heart to show he small nice side
So her warrior name would be Scrapheart!

Kaufmo – (Okay i am going to say this the nicest way possible but… He died so don’t expect a good name for him) So this guy died/got abstractied, he like lost every little piece, and we never met him so i guess his Prefix could be Broken cause he is… Broken! (yes very smart me)
and maybe soul cause he lost every little piece of him
So his name could be Brokensoul… it sounds corny BUT OH WELL!

Ciane- so he is the “Ringmaster” i get evil vibes from him but he is my second favorite character so since he is A flying teeth.
So his prefix can be Red cause he ummm *idea* WEARS LOTS OF RED😅
And then his suffix can be tooth cause like i said HE IS FLYING TEETH
So his name will be Redtooth 🙂(yes very cringe, but don’t blame me for not having ideas… wait it is my fault not having ideas… NOOO-)

Last but not least BUBBLES
So their name would include Bubbles and then….
ummm i give up i lost half my Brain cells
It would be pop
So Bubble’s name would be Bubblepop
Cause Ciane keeps poping bubbles

So that’s it guys!! thank you if you actually read this (you almost died of how cringe this was)
So yeah hope you like it

Cremos out!!

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