Official cover art for Thunder and Shadow by Owen Richardson

Spiritflight Interviews: About Warrior Cats! by Spiritflight

Spiritflight interviews various BlogClanners about Warriors.

Official cover art for Thunder and Shadow by Owen Richardson
Official cover art for Thunder and Shadow by Owen Richardson

Why hello there! I hope everyone is doing well out there and keeping themselves heathy. Today I have an article where I interviewed eleven Bloggers based on Warriors related questions! This article is inspired by Lynxpaw’s, so make sure to check out their pawsome stuff! Let’s start here ~

These are the BlogClanners I’ll be interviewing:
Breezeflame ✔️
Sunshadow ✔️
Rosefern ✔️
Nettlefrost ✔️
Pineconefall ✔️
Shiverwind ✔️
Hollyfang ✔️
Koileaf ✔️
Silverwish ✔️
Rippledawn ✔️

Here are the questions I’ll be asking these Bloggers:

Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?

Let’s start with our first interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
My favorite warrior cat is Cinderpelt because she’s kind and compassionate, and I admire how resilient she is. She had a major injury but she didn’t let that stop her from becoming a dedicated member of ThunderClan. She was empathetic and caring and truly loved each and every cat of ThunderClan, and offered forgiveness to Leafpool when she regretted running off with Crowfeather. All in all, she’s just a very sweet cat.
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
The most interesting arc for me was probably Power of Three, it was the one I enjoyed reading the most. The characters were all so dynamic and interesting imo, and it was interesting to see how they grew and changed over time, some for the better and some for the worse. Also, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf are two of my favorite warrior cats, so there’s that aspect too. :))
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
I would change many different aspects but the thing I would want to change the most would be the fact that there are so many POV characters, I think it would be better if we had fewer POV’s. I’m on OOTS and there are like 4 POV’s per book, some of them different from book to book, and I think that hinders the general quality of the series. If the series cut down from like 5 POV’s to 2-3 consistent POV’s that have dynamic characters, the series would improve a lot. 🙂

Our second interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
That’s a tricky question! I wouldn’t say I have one favorite cat, but multiple that I’m quite fond of. I like Dovewing- she’s a young apprentice when she suddenly finds out that she’s a part of this huge prophecy and she has special powers that she doesn’t want. She didn’t ask to have the fate of the clans resting on her shoulders, and yet her sister is jealous of her over a situation that is negatively affecting her. Finally, after moons of feeling trapped in ThunderClan without the powers that had defined her life, she left and joined ShadowClan, where she could finally be free from the expectations that had followed her for her whole life.
Another character I like is Hollyleaf. She’s such an interesting character- following the code her whole life, having such strong ambitions and being so certain in where she belonged, only for it all to come crashing down when she finds out she was born from the breaking of the rules she held so dearly in her heart. Then, finally, she snaps and break arguably the most important rule of the code by killing Ashfur. Some other cats I’m fond of are Squirrelstar, Shadowsight, Frostpaw and Curlypaw!
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
I haven’t read the books in quite a while, and I was spoiled for most of the major plot points, but I would say The Prophecies Begin. Like most readers (I would assume), the first arc was my first time reading Warrior Cats, and although it was a number of years ago now, I remember I enjoyed it so much that I went on to read the rest! Nowadays I don’t really read Warrior Cats that much anymore, but I have good memories of reading the first arc specifically.
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
It’s kinda been fixed in the most recent arc (I’ve only read up to Sky though), but I would love for the characters to have more friends. Friendship groups and drama and opinions on each other, instead of having a million cats in ThunderClan with no personality and no relationships outside of family. What’s Dewnose’s relationship like with Nightheart? How does Sorrelstripe feel about Sunbeam? Does Sneezecloud have any opinions on Frostpaw? We don’t know any of this- and I did just pick some random cats from the allegiances, but at the same time, background characters, no matter how small their role, should still have personalities and interesting quirks outside of being names on the allegiances list, in my opinion.
Like I mentioned before, this has been improving more with cats like Sunbeam and Lightleap, and (from what I’ve heard of the newest book) Nightheart and Frostpaw. But I would just like the cats to feel more close, like a community.

Our third interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
My favorite cat is Jayfeather! Ima start out by saying he’s blind, like me, so that’s a bit of bias right there, glad the Erins put in a disabled character who wasn’t a) a whimp or b) killed off in the first two seconds. Lol. Also, he’s just so loveable, he’s wise, smart, cranky, and also has issues, and things that make you feel genuinely make you want to relate to him, which is something I value in characters.
Ily Spiri! Tysm! (Ily too, Rosie <33)
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
Hmmmm, that one’s a toughie! I must say DotC. For one it was the best written and also cool something a lil different, also it was just so great that the beginning of the Clans wasn’t just like that, it had a history to it. I also loved OoTs and TBC!
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
Okay, this is hard, but i’m going to say make Ivypool not have a se, even though it not come out yet, Ivypool had her time in the spotlight she needs to move over so that other cats get the attention they deserve, like Cinderheart and Stonefur (The main characters which I have my eyes on for SE’s lol ) yeah.
Tysm for interviewing me Spiri! You’re amazing! (Awh, you are literally so sweet <33 Ofc! Ty for doing this with me ^^)

Our fourth interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
My favorite cat has to be Squirrelflight, with Ivypool as a close second. As an apprentice, she was feisty and sarcastic, and I loved her character growth once she became a young warrior. I personally despise her relationship with Bramblestar, but she continued to forgive him time and time again. This is proof that although she is tough and not afraid to speak her mind, she does prioritize others feelings and emotions over her own. I felt especially sorry for her in TBC, but also proud of the way she held herself together after Bramblestar died. Not many cats, or people, could do what she did; become a strong leader to the cats around her, while still grieving for someone she loved. Overall, her resilience, bravery, conscientiousness and loyalty make her my favorite character to read about.
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
In my opinion, OotS or TBC were the most exciting arcs to read about. Both were very fast-paced, and involved a main character dying at the end of the series. One of the reasons OotS was so good was because the previous arc, PoT, was just there to lead up to it. The fourth series could then just plunge straight into the drama as the scene has been set in the preceding arc. The cliffhangers and plot twists kept you on the edge of your seat, and made you want to read more, which is a sign of a very good series. TBC didn’t reveal the villain until quite late on, which kept you guessing, The POVs were also quite relatable, which is always appealing to the reader. This is why these arcs also remain my favourite, as well as being the most exciting.
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
If I could change one thing about Warriors, it would have to be StarClan. They have grown from being a source of gentle guidance to the Warriors equivalent of an extremely controlling government. Maybe the thing that most annoys me about StarClan is the fact that anything they say instantly becomes law. This is a major problem, as it has led to many villains let into StarClan (Ashfur and Skystar). Many of them are let off because they were POVs, and this is extremely unfair. Just because they got the spotlight doesn’t mean they get a Get-out-of-the-Dark-Forest-free card. Also, the only cat we saw reincarnated was because of a broken leg, even when she had lived a long and happy life. Many kits died before the first series due to Brokenstar’s demands, and they have to stay in StarClan for the rest of eternity. Finally, cats just have to accept their destiny just because StarClan say so, even if it could prevent important milestones in their lives. All these things, and many more, contribute to my decision that StarClan should be changed, or else the fans have to see a new generation of cats grow up in an unfair world. I expect it will be the latter.

Our fifth interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
My Answer: My favorite warrior cat is Ivypool! I know she’s a popular choice but her backstory and personality just makes it impossible for me to dislike her! Even as an apprentice, she wanted to be the best warrior she could, and even though that initially made her feel jealous of Dovewing, she constantly tried to prove herself, making her one of the best fighters in the Clan. Her hardworking nature is one of the traits I love about her. Her courage and loyalty are some of her noticeable traits as well. She risked her life(and her entire existence, as cats are known to vanish forever when killed in the DF) in the Dark Forest by acting as a spy for her Clan, even as a ‘paw. This shows how loyal she is to the cats she cares about. Ivypool is also a very logical cat, as she knows what matters most. She killed Antpelt to prove her (fake)loyalty to the Dark Forest when Brokenstar tested her. Though some may say it was wrong for her to kill an innocent(Antpelt actually wasn’t even that innocent) cat, but I’d say it was essential for the Clans’ survival. The fact that Ivypool made a difficult but necessary decision for the survival of the Clans makes her so admirable.
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
The most exciting arc for me was Omen of The Stars! Partly because it’s when my favorite character is a POV, but also because it’s when the origin and purpose of the mysterious prophecy introduced in Power of Three is revealed. I’ve always thought PoT lacked detail about it, but OoTS helped solve all my confusions! The fact that OoTS focused a lot on its characters’ personalities and relationships (Like Lionblaze & Cinderheart, Dovewing & Ivypool) is also one of the many reasons it’s my favorite arc.
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
I would change how inconsistent cats’ personalities are. Too many cats lose their initial personalities as the books continue, and though I understand it’s hard for the authors to keep track of every cat, some changes are so drastic that it’s like they’re a completely different cat. Mothwing, Squirrelstar, Cherryfall and Poppyfrost are some of those cats. I feel so upset whenever someone’s personality just changes abruptly, and I’d be much happier if they were a bit more consistent.

Our sixth interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
My favourite cat is DEFINITELY Jayfeather! He’s so cranky and sometimes even hilarious, plus I relate to him (:P). I can also be cranky and sharp-tongued.
Also, he’s a rebel, which is the type I generally like! Teacher’s—I mean Leader’s—pets are boring XD
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
I think it was DotC! It was definitely unique. It gave us insight in why the Clans were named what they were, and also unearthed secrets we never even wondered about! It would surely be less exciting if there was never DotC, because then we would never know about Gray Wing and Clear Sky’s struggles, and the five leaders, who appeared in more than one arc.
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
I’d change Mapleshade’s story, I guess. Not so that she wouldn’t be in the DF. We do need female villains! 😛 But I’d change it so that Frecklewish tried to drown the kits but never told anyone, so it would make more sense why she was in the DF instead of in StarClan. Also, that would give Mapleshade a stronger motive to kill her, because that’s clearly crueler than how she watched but didn’t help.

Our seventh interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf has a very similar personality to me, and her struggles, feelings, and dreams are just so, so relatable. I am also a rule follower with high ambitions, and I just find Hollyleaf so amazing and I can relate to her so much. Also, she’s definitely not perfect, but has amazing character development, and grows and changes. She is definitely my favorite character.
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
Omen Of The Stars for sure! It’s so action-packed and exciting, and contains the best characters and best messages! I just love everything about it, the battles, the drama, the internal struggles, the character development, everything!
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
I would add LGBTQ+ cats! Like, actually canon ones and not just hinted at/headcanons.

Our eighth interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
Hmm…. there are a few cats that are my favorite 😛 I like Ivypool, Rootspring, Twigbranch, and Turtle Tail… I’ll go more in depth about Turtle Tail, since she’s a lesser known character/ character picked as favorite. She was automatically just like this, cute cat who just seemed so lovely <3. But then, we got more in depth in the second book of DotC. I just loved how loyal she was to Gray Wing and how much she truly loved him <3333 So she just became a favorite of mine. But then [to some 😛 DotC book 3 warning!] she DIEEEEEEEEDD 😭and I was so depressed 🙁 because she was amazing. And then we saw her with the spirit cats! 💃 and then she disappeared 🙁 and then she was a spirit cat appearing again! 💃 and she disappeared AGAIN. After this, I don’t know, I’m halfway through book 4 🙂 but noooo she was so-
no words can describe it 😭 So yes, she will always be one of my favorites, and hold a special place in my Warriors heart <3
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
The most interesting arc.. well the one I enjoyed reading the most was the original 💃 The Prophecies Begin. TBC and TNP just couldn’t grab my attention that well, and, honestly, the original is always the best! It’s when we still had Fireheart and baby Firestar <3. And Rusty, but, well, he was only Rusty for, like, 2 chapters. 😛 It was a great way to get into the series, and all the action, adventure, having an evil cat with oversized claws being the enemy, and the end of book five was so sad, but unique and special 😀 So yes, TPB was the most interesting 🙂 (interesting/favorite >:P)
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
I would, no questions asked, bring back DEAR BRISTLEFROST :((( <3333
It broke my heart when she died and honestly, I think there was a high chance, VERY high chance she could’ve survived! All they said was something along the lines of ‘she fell in. she looked up. she imagined having kits. she died.’ Like, WHAT?!! Why is she dying so fast?! How could you do this to her?!?!?! She just so precious 🙁
And so yeah, not just bringing back Bristlefrost, but actually not having her die at ALL. I feel like the Erins put in the death for action, just like how they removed Hollyleaf and inserted Dovewing :/

Our ninth interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
Probably Feathertail! She and Stormfur went through a lot together because of their parents, but she was still really strong and continued fighting! She was also prob traumatised by Stonefur’s death that happened, like, right in front of her and Stormkit, but she just swept that memory aside and continued training to be a warrior :DD
Also, she was practically the only one who accepted Crowpaw (Later Crowfeather) for who he was on the journey to the sea/sun-drown place, and she’s pretty smart. Like, Feather was one of the only – if not the only one who tried to keep the peace within the group, especially between Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw! I was really sad when she died, she didn’t deserve it ;-;
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
Probably the first one (TPB/The Prophecies Begin)!
It was pretty fun because I actually started reading Warriors halfway through TBC/The Broken Code 😛 And I read the Novellas when Firestar was either dead or non-existent at that point in time, so I was really confused and FINALLY understood what everyone- I mean everycat was saying XD Overall, it was probably my favorite & exciting arc imo 😛
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
Ah, this is hard lol 😛
Probably Hollyleaf not running away/dying ;-; She had a lot of potential (Speaking like we’re actually in Warriors, not the fact that it’s, overall, just a fictional series) to be a really great asset to ThunderClan (As if TC doesn’t have enough PoVs tho-) … But then again, if Holly didn’t die, then Ivypool would, and then the whole series would be different because there wouldn’t be a Bristlefrost to save da world-
But otherwise, that’d be what I wanna change!!

Our tenth interviewee!
Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
Uhh, my fave might be Ivypool, because I honestly can just relate. Tired of being compared? YES. Tired of being ‘the other person’ (Or cat in this case)? YES. Upset because I think some people are better than me? ONE MILLION TIMES YES.
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
I mean, I haven’t read all of them, but I really like DotC so far! It’s really interesting to see that the 4 clans started from 1 big group of cats. (Wait, I just thought of something… if they originated from the Tribe of Rushing Water, why do the original cats not pass down the story of their origin? Plus, it used to be things like Squirrel Flight, not Squirrelflight. I wonder how that happened :P)
Please excuse the part in the brackets, I’m waiting to borrow The Blazing Star, so I really don’t know 😛
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
Uhhhhh… I think it might be Dovewing NOT falling in love with Tigerheart. I really wonder what would’ve happened if Dovewing hadn’t left ThunderClan. (I’ve heard of it while scrolling through the wiki) Who knows? Maybe she would’ve been single instead, ‘cuz she doesn’t actually like Bumblestripe, or any tom in ThunderClan romantically, for that matter.

Our eleventh interviewee!

Who is your favorite warrior cat and why?
My favorite cat is Hollyleaf. I know how controversial this is (at least I think it is) so I’m prepared to defend my answer.Inhales deeply So the first reason I like her is because she was, like, the ONE cat who respected the warrior code, which felt like a breath of fresh air to me when I read PoT. Then, once she killed Ashie (i call him that to show him scorn), she EXILES HERSELF because of the massive guilt she felt. Even after reading her novella, I still believe she would never have come back to the Clans if Lionblaze hadn’t found her and made her come back. And then she was so brave in revealing the truth and facing the leader, and her siblings, and her parents (both adoptive and biological). AND THEN she let herself die for Ivypool (which made me hate her a lil bit but now I’m an Ivypool stan so it all worked out). Overall I just think she was a really great character in the Warriors series.
Which was the most interesting arc for you?
The most interesting arc… Probably DotC. I love the evolution of the Clans, and I love how much fOrBiDdEn LoVe there was. The whole clear sky/thunder/star flower thing was really entertaining to me (i have a meme saved about it in my files somewhere lol). I also loved all the heated arguments about WHERE DO WE LIVE and WHO DO WE TRUST. I’m a total gossip person so I really enjoyed all that. But yes, I loved DotC and I have some really random reasons why. Oh, the main reason I liked it was this quote:
“Kill me. Kill me and live with the memory. Then tell the stars that you won.”
– Gray Wing, The First Battle
If you could change one thing in the warriors series what would it be?
Oh gosh, I have no idea. I’m going to preface this by saying I AM NOT A BERRYHEART for anyone who has read ASC. I would get rid of the rule where cats can change Clans if they do the tasks. I just feel like it defeats the point of having separate Clans. It makes it really easy to spy, and it doesn’t really go with the warrior code. What happened to ‘defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?’ I mean, there’s gotta be at least one nice tom or she-cat in your own Clan. The Clans are massive at this point, so you have even more reason to stay put.

Everyone’s answers were so detailed, perfect and well written. I am so glad to of had such amazing BlogClanners do this article with me. Reading each and every paragraph of each BlogClanner was so interesting, and looking at their point of view and interests was really fun. It means alot that y’all helped me put this together! Thank you so so much, I hope you’re proud of yourself and your friends because I know I sure am!
Bye for now <33

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