Official cover art for A Starless Clan #5: Wind

Theories for ASC Wind! by Wolfpaw

Wolfpaw shares their theories about what’ll happen in Wind before they’ve read the book.

Official cover art for A Starless Clan #5: Wind
Official cover art for A Starless Clan #5: Wind

Hi BlogClan! This is Wolfpaw/song here, but you can call me Wolfie!

I am here to talk about my theories for Wind
Let’s start!

Okay, so the newest main series book, A Starless Clan: Wind, is coming out this April, 2024! I am so excited, that I am now writing an article about it! So these are my theories:

1. Nightheart comes back

First of all, we all know that Nightheart and Sunbeam are officially together. But, since Frostpaw almost died and Nightheart found her, he hasn’t been in ThunderClan. This is very disappointing for me, because I really like the ship NightxSun. I at least hope that he returns.

2. Frostpaw comes back

If Frostpaw doesn’t come back, let’s face it, she might just end up dying. I am not against the idea of her dying, because honestly, she hasn’t been my favorite pov character so far… and having her die would be very dramatic, and crazy! But I actually want her to return. She could at least tell someone about Splashtail, or maybe even Splashstar as far as we know, maybe Mothwing or one of her litter mates. Or, or or or or or or… she tells Splashtail/star she knows! Honestly, I don’t think that’s gonna happen…but it would be fun!

3. Sunbeam stays in thunderclan

So we all know Sunbeam went to ThunderClan to be with Nightheart, and most people think that Sunbeam is gonna go back to ShadowClan, but no! I don’t share that opinion. Sunbeam loves Nightheart, but, like she told her mother, she didn’t only move there for Nightheart, she also moved there because she felt like she belonged. And she has clan mates there who understand her. Like Sparkpelt and Finchlight. They are basically besties. (Or i am not understanding them correctly) But I think she will stay

4. Berryheart will kill/exile Tigerstar II

This is kind of clear Berryheart hates Tigerstar. A lot. I think she will gather a bunch of rogues or ShadowClan cats and will try to kill Tigerstar! This will be fun is all I have to say. But i guess it makes sense.

Alright thats all! See you next time! AWOOOO

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