Happy Birthday, Cloudblossom!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Cloudblossom, Happy Birthday to you! How are you on this fine day, Cloudy? BlogClan is here to celebrate you and we hope that you are having an excellent day! Any gifts so far? If so, what?

A blue cake with white frosting clouds and a frosting tool helping to smooth out the cloud designs

Just LOOK at this cake! The frosting looks perfect!

“Mmm, so delicious! A purrfect birthday treat!”

Aww, such a sweet kitty! He seems to be enjoying his cake! Are you having a birthday cake this year? If so, what flavor?

Have a very Happy Birthday, Cloudy! Best wishes from BlogClan! May this year be prosperous and filled to the brim with success and joy:)

🐟🐟Riverspirit:)✝️(River/Riv) is celebrating Humble Month 💙🤍💙 !#JusticeforEddie!! IN THE SHADOW OF REGRET IS OUT!!!! 😱😱😱


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