Happy Birthday, Echoheart!

Happy Birthday, Echo! Are you feeling great on your special day? If for some crazy reason you aren’t, BlogClan is here to celebrate! Looks like you have several gifts from your fellow BlogClanners.

First, a gift from Fernmist!

“Happy birthday, Echoheart! Thank you for being such an amazing friend! You’re so kind, and although I don’t know you a lot, I’m really happy that I’m getting to chat with you!”

A small yellow tabby cat with blue eyes holds a red ballon surrounded by confetti and the words “Happy Birthday Echoheart!”

Such an adorable gift! Great job Ferni!

A heart shaped cake with red and pink sprinkles around the rims

And of course, every birthday needs a cake! This one looks EXCEPTIONALLY yummy:D

We love you Echoheart! I love reading your articles, you’re so talented! BlogClan hopes your birthday is absolutely spectacular!

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