Happy Birthday, Snowbreeze!

Welcome to the Entirely Innocuous BlogClan Cafe!

a sepia-toned photograph of the interior of a cafe. There are wooden chairs and tables, with cutlery and glasses laid out on top, and vintage photographs lining the walls.

Morning, afternoon or evening, BlogClanners – what can I get for you? A bir– a birthday post? Gee, but you’ve come to the wrong place. Whatever made you think I wrote birthday posts? Don’t I look like a law-abiding citizen to you? 

Riiiight. Just a joke between friends, huh? You know there’s a prohibition on those. You can’t be saying that sorta thing within earshot of the boys in blue, if you know what I mean. Yeah: the mods. They’d throw me to the spam monster for that! And there’s no getting out of that one, make no mistake.

Anyway, if it’s a birthday post you’re looking for, you’re fresh outta luck. Now go on. Scram… unless you’ve got the password? 😉

You do? Well, that’s capital! Here we are, quick, behind the counter – it’s the old bookshelf trick. Yes, they’re all Warriors books, but nevermind my reading choices. Down the steps, on the left: you’ll find what you’re looking for, all right. And between me and you, those mods I was talking about? Well, this party’s for one of them. Ha! I know! Who? Why, that’d be…


Happy Birthday, Snowy! Looks like we threw you a party after all! To anyone wondering why it’s me instead of Riv today, I asked if I could write Snowy’s post in her stead, and she graciously agreed. And I’ve themed it after the 1920s, a shared interest of ours! Sorry to the rest of the Blog. You’ll have to put up with our antics for today.

Anyway, business as usual: what’s the headline today, Snowy? Got anything planned? I’ve procured you an art-deco(ish) themed cake, in unfortunately low resolution, but hey, it’s the 20s, so I’ll give it a pass. There were quite a lot of them I had to skip over; apparently, the core demographic for art deco cakes is people turning 40.

A three-tiered, black and white cake decorated in an art deco style, with golden embellishments and black and white feathers stuck to the top tier.

And not only that, but I’ve made you a gift:

A drawing of Snowbreeze, a grey and white cat, against a green and yellow background. The text "Snowy sings Judy Garland" is written at the top. It's made to look like a vintage poster.

ta-da! Your very own vintage poster =D though I’m afraid I seem to always be in the habit of drawing your purr with her eyes closed. If you want a version without the overlays, let me know!

There’s another gift for you too: this one’s from Fernmist!

Happy birthday Snowy! 🥳 I hope you have a day as amazing as you are! also as a gift, I will not throw you in the pot today 😛 /lhj

A drawing of Snowbreeze, a grey and white cat with blue eyes, against a white background. Blue and yellow confetti fills the air, along with a red and a green balloon. There is text that reads "Happy Birthday Snowbreeze!"

And this one’s from Silverpaw/storm!

hello, Snowbreeze! if you’re reading this, it’s your birthday, yay! Coincidence you have the same birthday as Goldenfawn!!!
:p you are an AMAZING mod and very speedy! Here’s a little poem!
A calm breeze drifts across the ground
Tugging with it flakes of fallen snow
Some slowly drift into a mound
And no one knows where others go
and here is a song >:333

Happy birthday again, Snowy — I hope it’s a good one!

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(Don't let the moon change your mind! 🌙)