[Dovewing and Ivypool sit beside and look at each other]

Ivypool Or Dovewing? by Crystalpaw, Swiftpaw, and Pouncepaw

Crystalpaw, Swiftpaw, and Pouncepaw share their thoughts on the sisters from Omen of the Stars.

[Dovewing and Ivypool sit beside and look at each other]
Art by PureSpiritFlower
[Dovewing and Ivypool sit beside and look at each other]

DISCLAIMER: This is all opinion. We know you all have different opinions! CHillax and enjoy!
Crystalpaw: I think Ivypool is better because she got over Bristlefrost’s death pretty well and she is a very good deputy so far! What I think about Dovewing is that she is kinda whiny, and her choice as mate was not great, but their child, Shadowsight is awesome. I know that some people may disagree, but Dovewing has never been High ranked for me, and Ivypool has. Ivypool is also just so smart and I really love that about her.

Swiftpaw: I do not absolutely hate either of them, but both of them have flaws. Dovewing, a bit less liked, because of some of her decsicions but on the other hand we have Ivypool. One of her big flaws for me was her attitude towards Dovewing in the first part of the omen of stars, just because she was jealous. And then we have the children!! Both are on my top ten!!! Bristlefrost and SHadowsight <33333 Overall, in my mind Ivypool is the better one out of the 2. I feel like she has a bit more of a personality, not that Dovewing does not, but I like Ivypool’s better. Also, Ivypool is so relatable! And she is just overall an amazing cat!

Pouncepaw: I think that Ivypool is a better cat because she is very smart, intelligent, and she is very independent. Just like Swiftpaw, I think she is very relatable to me! Btw, I’m Swift’s other Irl friend. But anyway, Dovewing is just not as relatable and its not her fault. It was just the way she was written. They both have very different personalities even tho they are sisters, which I really love about them! And like Crystal, SHADOWSIGHT IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I love him so much lol. I still love both but I have got to say Ivypool for me!

Conclusion: Ivypool is better, but Dovewing is not a bad cat!
*Dovewing lovers, I still do like her – Swift*
*Yes Dovewing is great-Pouncepaw*
*She is ok- Crystal*

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