• I think Honeyfern’s Tribe name would be Honey That Glistens On Fern Leaf

  • Honeyfern is so noble and selfless and just awesome!!
    She sacrificed her life to save a kit, which was really brave. <3
    And when Berrynose and Poppyfrost became mates, she could have gotten jealous but she didn't- she was happy for them and wanted to help Poppyfrost understand that Berrynose did care about her.

    • Yesssssss!
      I still favor HoneyXBerry over PoppyXBerry, though. I always have. 😛
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  • What do you think Honeyfern and Berrynose’s kits would have been named, had Honeyfern lived long enough to have kits with Berrynose?
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    • My headcanon is that that they would have three kits, and name them Ivykit, Peachkit, and Oakkit. (Oakkit is a tom the other two are she-kits)

      Ivykit is a light brown tabby, Peachkit is white with cream spots, and Oakkit is mottled with dark brown and cream.

    • This is an interesting thing to think about.

      One of my more unusual ideas is, maybe Hollyleaf wouldn’t have fled into the tunnels. Or at least, she wouldn’t have felt as unloved.
      Honeyfern has always been understanding and compassionate, more so than most other cats. I think if she had been at that gathering, where Hollyleaf had told the truth about her parents, she would have understood Hollyleaf’s misery and comforted her. Having a cat who sympathizes might have even made Hollyleaf decide to stay, because one of the reasons she ran away was that she felt no cat accepted her.

      • That’s cool!
        Another thing that wouldn’t happen is Breezepelt attacking Poppyfrost and Jayfeather at the Moonpool.
        Because Poppyfrost and Berrynose would have never became mates, so Poppyfrost wouldn’t go to the Moonpool.

        • That’s true and a very good point!

          Can I add this to my article? I’m making an article about what would have happened if Honeyfern didn’t die!

  • I noticed something sad.
    Honeyfern once had a small crush on Lionblaze. Later, she had a crush on Berrynose and even became mates with him.
    But in the end, Lionblaze ended up with Cinderheart and Berrynose ended up with Poppyfrost. Both are her sisters.
    Honeyfern is the only one of the three sisters who never had kits, and she was always the one who loved kits the most.
    At least she’s the type of cat who feels happy for her sisters and not jealous, but I still feel bad for her. 🙁

  • I wish Honeyfern hadn’t died, and actually, her surviving would have been perfectly realistic. Even if the snake did bite her, I think she could have been saved- cats are pretty resilient to snake bites.
    My real-life cat once got bit by a venomous snake- and she’s fine now. She survived and recovered.
    I wish Honeyfern had recovered, too. It could have been that she stayed in the medicine den under treatment and supervision, and then eventually got better.

  • I’m seriously considering writing an AU fanfic where Honeyfern is evil. 😛
    I think a good title for it would be Poisoned Honey.

  • I’m thinking about writing a fanfic about how Honeyfern is reincarnated as one of Berrynose and Poppyfrost’s kits. Even though they don’t know that the kit is actually Honeyfern, Berrynose and Poppyfrost name her Honeykit (after Honeyfern since she’s Berry’s former mate and Poppy’s sister).
    I think Honeybracken would be a good warrior name for her since bracken and fern mean practically the same thing, and also since Brackenfur was Honeyfern and Poppyfrost’s father.

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