• Cool! I love how the Honey part of her name looks like honey, and how the fern part looks like fern!

  • I would love to know Honeyfern in real life! She’s so kind and would be a great friend!
    I think we would have a lot of the same interests.
    Looking back at the scene in Dark River, where Lionpaw had trouble hunting and Honeypaw sympathized: In the past I’ve felt similar to how Lionpaw did. Doing math at school was often hard for me, and it would have been good to have a helpful friend like Honeyfern by my side then. I imagine that if we sat at the same desk, she would probably secretly help me figure out long division, just like she pointed out the mouse to Lionpaw. And although Lionpaw was frustrated when she did this for him, I would probably appreciate it if I were in his place.

  • I think if Honeyfern had survived she would have mentored Briarpaw. Honeyfern did a lot for Briarpaw when she was a kit (she looked after her in the twoleg nest when they had greencough and she saved her from the snake), so Briarpaw might ask Firestar if Honeyfern could be her mentor.

  • Honeyfern is one of the bravest cats in Warriors.
    She died to save Briarkit, and was just amazing.
    RIP Honeyfern.

    • Wait Snace speaks snake?????? I did not know this, this is mind blowing information for me 😛
      That’s cool!

  • I wrote part of the first chapter! Here’s a piece of my Honeyfern fanfiction- It’s a Super Edition for Honeyfern!

    Honeyfern’s Heart

    Chapter 1

      Blinking sleepily, Honeykit peered out of the nursery.

      “Come on, Honeykit! Let’s play!” her sister Poppykit called. She flicked her white tail, “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up for moons!”

      Looking up at the sky, with the sun high in it, Honeykit realized that she had indeed slept very late.

      Sorreltail, the kits’ mother, opened her eyes. “I see you kits are up already,” she purred wearily, “Alright, you can play outside. But stay close to the nursery. And try to stay out of the Warriors’ way, will you?”

      “We will!” Honeykit licked her mother’s ear before dashing outside to tackle Poppykit in a play-fight, making sure her claws were sheathed. Their brother Molekit joined in, batting Poppykit’s tail.

      Honeykit sniffed the air and sneezed. The leaf-bare air smelled crisp and a chilly breeze ruffled Honeykit’s brown fur. The basking rocks felt cold under her paws as she pressed her pads to the flat surface.

      Taking advantage of Honeykit’s distraction, Poppykit slipped away.

      “Let’s get her, Honeykit!” Molekit growled as the fluffy tortoiseshell ran away.

      With an excited yowl, Honeykit sprang after her sister.

      Pushing off the nursery wall with his hind legs, Molekit overtook Honeykit in one leap, and landed on Poppykit’s back. “I caught the ShadowClan Warrior! Come help!” he yowled.

      Honeykit quickly joined him, holding down Poppykit’s flailing legs.

      “Stop! You’re pulling my fur!” Poppykit yowled, her blue eyes desperate, “let go!”

      “No way, we’ll never let you go!” Molekit growled fiercely, “You’ll pay!”

      “That’s just silly!” Honeykit told her brother, batting at his ear, “The Warrior Code says to show mercy to a defeated enemy!”

      “Defeated!?” Poppykit yowled indignantly, then, when Molekit let go, she flew at Honeykit. “I’ll show you defeated!”

      Before Poppykit’s paws reached her, Honeykit squealed and made her escape, scurrying away along the flat rocks.

      Glancing over her shoulder to make sure Poppykit hadn’t caught up, she forgot to look where she was going and let out a yelp as she suddenly stumbled, her leg unable to move.

      Twisting her head, Honeykit saw that her hind leg had slipped into a crack in the rock wall and was stuck.

      What’s that crack doing here? she thought irritably, twisting her leg to dislodge it.

      Poppykit skidded to a halt beside Honeykit. “Are you alright?” she gasped, concern in her voice.

      “I’m okay.” With a final tug, Honeykit managed to free herself, and Poppykit purred, looking relieved.

      She gave her leg a shake before rejoining her littermates in their game, only this time she was the ShadowClan Warrior.

      She tussled with Molekit, loosening her grip when she noticed her brother was in an uncomfortable position.

      “You’re bad at being a ShadowClan Warrior,” Poppykit commented, her eyes half amused, half exasperated, “ShadowClan Warriors are mean and dangerous. You play so gently- it’s not scary at all!”

      “You want scary?” Honeykit muttered, sneaking up behind her sister, then surprising her by leaping at her back and hearing her startled yowl.

      As her and Poppykit rolled on the ground, Honeykit caught a glimpse of Cinderkit through the corner of her eye.

      The gray she-kit was staying to the side of basking rock, looking thoughtful.

      “Cinderkit,” Honeykit purred to her sister, flicking her over the ear with her tail, “You know you can come join us.”

      “I know,” Cinderkit lifted her head and Honeykit could see a trace of excitement shining in her blue eyes, as if she had an idea that she wasn’t ready to share just yet, “but tussling isn’t that much fun…”

      Honeykit tipped her head to one side. Cinderkit usually loved tussling!

      Poppykit trotted over, her eyes narrowed. “And what do you suggest?” she retorted.

      “How about…” Cinderkit stood up, “We go exploring!”

      “Yeah!” Molekit agreed, padding over to stand beside Cinderkit, “That sounds like it would be fun!”

      “Sure,” Poppykit shrugged, “Why not?”

      “But-” Honeykit glanced over her shoulder at the nursery, “Sorreltail said for us to stay close.”

      “Come on, Honeykit,” Molepaw told her, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

      Honeykit wasn’t convinced. Surely there was danger? Surely it would be better to stay in the safety of the nursery? “It might be dangerous…” her mew trailed off.

      Cinderkit was already heading away, Molekit and Poppykit behind her.

      “So are you coming or are you staying?” Poppykit yowled.

      Honeykit shuffled her paws nervously as she wondered what to do. She couldn’t stay here and leave them to risk their lives by themselves. They were her littermates- she had to be there for them! And besides, she’d worry about them.

      “I’m coming!” she finally decided, and rushed to catch up with her siblings.

  • Just letting you know, Pine, that chapters two and three of Poisoned Honey are on the previous page of the fanfic page. It’s also on the Wiki.

  • A poem thing about Honeyfern.
    Yeet, she’s so cool (why are there no y adjectives? 😛 )
    Enjoyable to read about
    Really brave
    Nothing was bad or annoying about her

    (I was really grasping for “n” words. 😛 )

        • Yes! A while back I tried to do this for my ocs but Y words are so hard!

          Here’s an idea to use for future poems- “Y are there no Y adjectives?” 😛

  • Just letting you know that the next chapter of Poisoned Honey won’t come out for a while, I’m really not feeling inspired to work on it. 😛

  • Honeyfern is such a good sister <3 She didn’t freak out when Poppyfrost and Berrynose became mates, she was happy for them 💙

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