• Is there anything in particular you imagine Honeyfern sounding like?

    I imagine younger Honeyfern (like, apprentice Honeyfern) kinda sounding like my sister was she was younger, like seven or eight.

    I imagine adult Honeyfern sounding like Eliza from Hamilton. Even though I hate Hamilton.

    Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!

    • I read the books terribly out of order, and I actually read The Fourth Apprentice before reading Sunrise, so I knew Honeyfern wouldn’t be ok :[
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • I really like Honeyfern & Poppyfrost’s close bond. It was fun to read about.
    I’ll turn my back to you, both stars and blood alike.

  • I find it interesting that Honeyfern’s prefix is Honey, and she’s a sweet cat, and honey is sweet.
    I know that cats can’t actually taste sweet things, but this is still cool to me.
    I’ll turn my back to you, both stars and blood alike.

  • The scene in Sunrise where the snake bites Honeyfern, and she says that her blood is on fire is honestly heartbreaking to read. Nobody should be in that kind of pain.
    You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • I wrote a poem about Honeyfern:

    Heart full of love, kindness, and bravery.
    One who finds the good in a cat so easy to see.
    Never has been cruel, never harmed a cat.
    Every time she mewed you could be fully sure that
    You’ve found a friend in her that was so caring and so warm.
    Full of cheerful friendliness until the very
    End- When she saw an unsuspecting kit and a snake around the bend.
    Right away she leaped to take the bite- her final sacrifice.
    No one will forget this cat- so selfless and so nice.

  • I think Honeyfern would be happy to know that Briarlight, the little kit she sacrificed her life to save, grew up to become a strong, brave cat. 🙂
    And He Runs

  • I absolutely heart the idea of Honeyfern X Hazeltail! It just sounds adorable to me 💙
    I’ll Be Complete

  • I keep meaning to write this song/rap thing about Evil Honeyfern (revolving around the events in my Poisoned Honey fanfic) but I keep forgetting ;( I probably will get around to it at some point, though.
    WolfStar 4 Life

  • Cats I ship Honeyfern with:

    • Berrynose
    • Hazeltail
    • Hollyleaf
    Fleur is amazing!

  • 🍯🌿 spells out Honeyfern in emojis.
    (I’m not sure if 🌿 is actually fern, but it’s the closest emoji I could find.)
    Squirrelflight lover

    • That’s perfect!

      Maybe I’ll use those in my name someday to represent my love for Honeyfern! 😀

      • That’s a good idea! 🙂
        🎵Why do you write like you’re running out of time?🎵

    • I love it! <3

      Honeyfern and Poppyfrost have such a sweet relationship!

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