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  • Welcome to the Hogwarts roleplay! This is 🦉🦉Diagon Alley🦉🦉.

    Diagon Alley is not nearby to Hogwarts, so once you’re at Hogwarts, you cannot constantly come here (unless you use, like, a Portkey or Floo Powder – outside the castle since the castle itself is enchanted to keep people from going in and out by means of such magic – but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to). Students go here before the year starts to buy what they’ll need for the year (and pets, the options which are an owl, a cat, or a toad), and witches/wizards shop here. The list of shops and more information (such as how exactly you enter Diagon Alley and approximately where it is) can be found on the Background and Info page.

  • [Note: I know that there are already two Lilys in HP, but I like the name. lol]

    Lily entered Diagon Alley, relishing the familiar sights and sounds of the busy, bustling, high-energy shopping district. As a half-blood, her witch mother was with her, although Lily kind of wanted to explore on her own. Instantly, Lily wanted to find her two best friends.

    Eventually, Lily saw Rose, with a wizard caretaker, so-to-speak, which obviously annoyed Rose greatly. “Hey, Rose!” Lily called. They’d been writing to each other but had hardly seen each other over the summer before now, so it was good to see her again.

    “HIIIIIIIII, LILY!” said Rose energetically. They hugged, somewhat awkwardly since Lily wasn’t much of a hugger. The adults gave them space; they would probably be cool and let them go off on their own eventually, since they were now together. “Oh, whoaaaa. Is that **enter name here; it can be any of your characters**, entering Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes? Oh, we should follow **enter pronoun here**! We still need to settle that score!”

    Lily slapped a hand to her forehead gently. “Oh, gosh, Rose. Shouldn’t we start with getting the things we need for school? You know I’m not a fan of joke shops.”

    That’s when Grace ran up to them on her own. “Hey!” More semi-awkward hugs ensued.

    “Come on, or **enter name of your character here** will get away!” Rose exclaimed, running into the store before the others had time to process what she was doing. Glancing at each other with equally wary and amused expressions on their faces, the other two followed right behind.

    • (Let’s say Brook was entering the shop 😛 also she’s a first-year so I doubt anyone will know her)

      Brook dashed towards Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, as she excitedly glanced at the joke products in awe. I can’t wait to get to Hogwarts…I need to test these for pranks!

      • [Okay. I don’t know why Rose would want to “settle a score” with her, so I’ll probably have to think of who else might have done this, or else Rose saw the wrong person and thought she was someone else :p If no one wants their character to be this person, then I’ll say she saw just Brook and mistook Brook for someone else ;)]

  • ˜”*°•.˜”*°•Bee That Rests Near Golden Fire(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜ says:


    Vixen walked through the bustling Diagon Alley, her senses flooded with so many things to see and hear. 𝘐𝘵 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘨𝘦𝘵𝘴 𝘰𝘭𝘥. As she paused near a quieter spot, she took out her spotted owl named Athena. She was unusually small, perfect for fitting into small spaces. She usually helped out by picking up Vixen’s pencils when they fell into narrow areas. Athena flew around her head, clearly grateful for the chance to stretch her wings, and Vixen smiled in amusement.

  • ~~~~Beatrix

    Beatrix sat in a dark corner, brushing her dark hair out of her face, revising for tests, as she was reading a old, ragged, dusty book. She reached into her bag she she cautiously pulled out her quill, as she swiftly wrote on the piece of parchment, as she began to tie the letter to a great Screech Owl, which hooted loudly before soaring into the sky, as she started to shove her quill and books into her bag, when *Your character’s name if ya want; It’ll be best if they try to become friends with her, for drama and stuff :0* approached her.

    • (Remember to reply to my comment 😛 )

      Beatrix dodged her gaze as she softly spoke. “Leave. me. alone.

        • [This’ll be after the joke shop events]

          “Who’s Ivy?” asked a curious voice. Ttera and Beatrix turned to see Lily approaching (Rose and Grace were probably preoccupied but would be here shortly). [If Lily would totally know who Ivy is out of context, then she just says, “You’re looking for Ivy again?”]

          • Beatrix shoved Ttera away, as she stormed away quickly, as she muttered, “Ivy’s a fifth year, Ttera’s friend.”

            • Lily blinked in alarm and surprise. She must not be in many things I’m in, since I couldn’t even recognize her name, thought Lily. Lily eyed Ttera weirdly, then turned, beginning to follow Beatrix; she hesitated, realizing that Beatrix probably wouldn’t want to talk to her, and went to locate her two main friends instead. [Perhaps Beatrix reacted in some way, even if it was a very small amount?]

              • Beatrix glanced back at Lily–but extremely quickly turned back. (Maybe Lily noticed her doing that it’ll be interesting)

                • Lily, encouraged by Beatrix’s movement, mustered up the courage to speak to Beatrix, who she wanted to try to make friends with, at least right then. “Hi, Beatrix,” she said. “Isn’t it nice, Diagon Alley?” Don’t expect a great response; you know she’s always seemed very… antisocial…, Lily reminded herself to prevent disappointment.

  • Penelope fingered all the books. How did she not find this book store before? She gazed at the titles. Lots of them were things like: Phoenix, a mystery unsolved. But the ones that Penelope got were muggle books. She had grown up reading books like the Percy Jackson series, or Fablehaven. She got teased for it sometimes, but it wasn’t her fault they were interesting novels. After grabbing a few books for the year (she’d come back, no doubt about that.) She exited the store, and headed to get her cloak. The lady who measured her looked like a grumpy person. Grumpy Lady glared at her. She stared back, her gaze unreadable. The grumpy lady finished her measuring.she walked out. Her parents didn’t come, as much as they wanted. They bad work to do, and they were called late a few too many times. She noticed some girls running to a joke shop. ,:”that seems worth checking out.”:, she thought.

    • Addyson twirled her wand through her fingers. She was in Twilfit and Tatting’s, waiting for her mother to be done with the transaction. Her new robes were taking forever, and she didn’t even like this stupid shop. Madam Malkin, though older now, was her favorite person in the whole of Diagon Alley. George Weasley came in a close second, though. She noticed three older girls, Lily, Rose, and Grace, and rolled her eyes. She was generally a nice girl, but was a huge jokester. Those three girls crossed the line, though. She couldn’t be nice to them, couldn’t be sweet or friendly, and she always stayed away. Maybe if they would grow up then she would be fine with them, but NO, they had to be SUPER ANNOYING and play games during class and other ANNOYING things like that. She sighed and sais, “Mother! Hurry up, I want to go into George’s shop!” It may have sounded like she was whining, but Mrs. Klein had been chatting with the man at the counter for twenty minutes. Mrs. Klein sighed back and shook the man’s hand. “Thank you,” she told him and walked straight out of the shop, as Addyson was already flinging the door open to the joke shop and nearly smacking into a first year. “ACK I’m so sorry!” she said.

      Goldenkit that first year is you

      • [Okay, you’re making me want to start up this roleplay again XD Let me just say, it’s out of character for my girls, especially Lily and Grace — but all three, to play games during class… But it’s fine if you want your character to have false perceptions of them or hate them for one little thing they did XD]

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