• The story is about rogues who live in groups and have different territories: Twolegplace, Tunnels, Moor, Pine Forest, Oak Forest, River, Marsh, and Mountains. You can also be live by yourself, and if you do, then just write Kittypet or Loner.

      • Name: Dusty
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Straight
        Description: Dappled Birman she-cat with dazzling blue eyes
        Personality: Shy, quiet, serious, a planner
        Rank: Warrior
        Shortened Backstory: She was found as a kit by a slightly older kit, who is her new mate, Shadow
        Territory: Moor

        Name: Shadow
        Gender: Male
        Sexuality: Straight
        Description: Black tom with amber eyes
        Personality: smart, funny
        Rank: Warrior
        Shortened Backstory: he found Dust as a kit and they have been mates ever since
        Territory: Moor

      • Name: Snake (Snakefang is his warrior name)
        Gender: Male
        Sexuality: Demi
        Description: Calico brown and black cat with amber eyes. Has a shredded ear.
        Personality: Suspicious, quiet, impulsive. Keeps a lot of secrets. Does have a secret soft side he shows to select cats.
        Rank: Med cat (Used to be a loner but got injury)
        Shortened Backstory: He was found by cats in the Pine forest after he breathed in too much smoke. He joined them and helped cure injuries.
        Territory:Pine forest

    • Name: Moonpelt
      Gender: Girl
      Sexuality: ? ( not sure what that is )
      Description: sleek, gray and black she-cat with flecks of white in her pelt, black muzzle and white paws and emerald-green eyes
      Personality: Enthusiastic, never thinks anything bad about anyone before knowing, and believes there is some good in everyone.
      Rank: Pre-leader
      Shortened Backstory: Her and her sister, Fern, who is blind, once lived in a mean ( I can’t come up with a word meaner than mean ) family who starved them, until they escaped and traveled until they found some other cats and a forest to live in. She then stepped down from leadership and let Rain take her place, another loner.
      Territory: The Oak forest

    • I DREW THIS!!!!!!!!
      It seems your collaboration fanfic has my pictures 🙂

      Name: Dewfeather
      Gender: female
      Description: I’m changing this one to black with purple eyes
      Personality: cold, sly, cunning, secretive
      Rank: Warrior
      Shortened Backstory: I dunno. Left family when old enough to to travel and fight. Drifted everywhere
      Territory: River/marsh

    • Name: Jay
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Straight
      Description: Thick-furred gray and white tom with blind blue eyes
      Personality: Grumpy, hostile, doesn’t like kits and rotten prey, or just anything annoying
      Rank: Something that a blind cat can apply for
      Shortened Backstory: Very grumpy but otherwise normal life.
      Territory: Oak Forest

      Name: Feather
      Gender: She-cat
      Sexuality: Homo
      Description: Long-furred mottled gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
      Personality: Curious, bright, energetic, willing
      Rank: Hunter
      Shortened Backstory: Was a kittypet named Sylvia. A rogue named Blaze helped her out of the twoleg nest after she tried to escape and renamed herself Feather.
      Territory: Mountains

      Name: Lion
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Straight
      Description: Golden tabby tom with thick-furred mane and amber eyes
      Personality: Brash, assertive and sometimes aggressive, likes fighting, arrogant, ambitious
      Rank: Fighter
      Shortened Backstory: Developed a relationship with the daughter of the enemy of his parents, Holly, then started meeting each other. Holly is expecting kits now. Holly’s father attacks his family. Lion kills his parents after they try to harm Holly. Holly’s father runs away to the twolegplace and is never seen again.
      Territory: Oak forest

      Name: Blaze
      Gender: She-cat
      Sexuality: Homo
      Description: Thick-furred white she-cat with ginger tabby patches and green eyes
      Personality: Defensive, loyal, determined, adventurous
      Rank: Fighter
      Shortened Backstory: Was abandoned by her parents because she was a she-cat at a mountain cliff expecting her to fall. A loner named Leaf rescued her, took her to the oak forest, and raised her with his mate. Leaf’s mate dies of food poisoning. Blaze was exploring the twolegplace when she met Sylvia trying to escape her twoleg nest. She rescues her and renames her Feather. Leaf doesn’t approve of her being friends with Feather and tries to kill her. Blaze and Feather quickly run away from Leaf and into the mountains.
      Territory: Mountains

      Name: Holly
      Gender: She-cat
      Sexuality: Straight
      Description: Thick-furred black she-cat with long legs and green eyes
      Personality: Usually loyal, strict, sometimes grumpy, joking, humorous
      Rank: Fighter
      Shortened Backstory: Her father hates the father of Lion. Holly and Lion develop a relationship with each other. Holly is expecting kits. At the battle Holly says she wants to raise the kits in her clan to protect his parents and hers. Lion is angry, and his parents attack her. Holly is shocked when Lion kills his own parents for her. Her father runs away into the twolegplace.
      Territory: Oak Forest

      Name: Leaf
      Gender: tom
      Sexuality: Straight
      Description: Brown tabby and white tom with amber eyes
      Personality: Usually cool, calm, chill, and even-tempered when cats (such as Blaze) follow his rules, but then aggressive, angry, harsh, and very very strict when someone breaks them (such as when Blaze rescues Feather from her twoleg nest)
      Rank: None
      Shortened Backstory: Finds Blaze abandoned at the edge of the cliff and raises it with his mate. His mate dies of food poisoning. Blaze brings Feather to him and he is angry and tries to kill Feather. Blaze and Feather run away into the mountains. He moves to the twolegplace to murder any kittypet that escapes its twoleg nest.
      Territory: Twolegplace

    • Name: Tanzy

      Gender: Female

      Sexuality: straight

      Description: Soft gray she-cat with a round face and dusky blueish forget-me-not eyes. Long whiskers, long claws, and both her ears are fiercely shredded. One ear has a stone earring set into a former (healed) claw puncture. Has a dark brown birthmark on the back underside of her right wrist.

      Personality: Calm, collected, sarcastic and funny, impulsive, weird, cynical, loving towards kits and needy cats, easily bored, private, dislike commitment/obligations but cares for her family, and has risky behavior sometimes. She’s a daring spirit. When she gets mad it’s ugly. She rarely gets stressed, but when does get stressed, it’s very stressed.
      Very stubborn, even impractically stubborn, and sometimes crosses metaphorical boundaries and can be insensitive to other cats’ unique pressure points. Doesn’t have or want a mate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make otherwise happen. 😉

      Rank: You choose bc I don’t know what the rogue ranks are (unless they’re just like Clan ranks)

      Shortened Backstory: Former kitty pet, but she left because she lived with another cat who liked to pick on her. One day in the Twoleg backyard they got in a really bad fight and the other cat shredded her left ear, and she left for good.
      The other shredded ear was from events of her current rogue life.

      Territory: Pine forest


    • Name: dusk
      Gender: male
      Sexuality: straight
      Description: brown muddy tom with black ears, tail. white eyes and claws, blue eyes, mouth, nose, and inner ears. darker brown paws.
      Personality: sketchy, edgy, manipulative
      Rank: loner
      Shortened Backstory: he used to be a kittypet but he ran away from his home to be a loner. he’s killed too many cats to count, and is a professional assassin and murderer
      Territory: loner

    • Name: Spirit
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Bi
      Description: black she-cat with unusual dark gray swirls and purple eyes
      Personality: loyal, stands up for others when she need to, but usually quiet and prefers to hunt alone
      Rank: apprentice
      Shortened Backstory: father left mother because I was a half-clan, both littermates died in birth and mother raised me alone. Left clan to join a pack of rouges in the mountains and was raised there for the last two moons of kithood, the other apprentices were quite mean. I left the pack as soon as I could without my mother noticing and to this day, they are still looking for me.
      Territory: Pine Forest (now lives by herself)

    • Name: Sleep
      Sexuality: Asexual
      Description: A black tom with a white tail and green eyes
      Personality: Kind sleepy sleeps a lot
      Rank: a apprentice
      Shortened Backstory: nothing big, Dad died from death berries someone killed him, sis born dead, Mom an elder
      Territory: Twolegsplace

    • Cinder Flake
      A tortoiseshell tabby but her markings range from white to black, and her tabby markings are smoky gray, ice blue eyes, a scar that covers her left eye and a tuft of hair that covers her left eye
      Shy, defensive, eager,enthusiastic, prickly, (think CrowFeather)
      Deputy (cause CrowFeather’s deputy)
      Her father abused her and her mother went missing. She hurled herself down a cliff and miraculously survived the fall, despite not wanting to. Some cats by the river found her and took her in.

    • Name: Fern.
      Gender: Female.
      Sexuality: Mateless.
      Description: Blue tinged grey she-cat with one deep blue eye, the other replaced with a scar.
      Personality: Reserved but curious.
      Rank: Medicine Cat (if the rogues have one, otherwise a Warrior, somehow).
      Shortened Backstory: She was found alone by rogues as a kit, her parents presumed dead. She is desperate to find them if there is the slimmest chance they are alive.
      Territory: Tunnels.

    • Name: Courage (Loststar is his warrior name)
      Gender: Tom
      Sexuality: Gay
      Description: an unusually large long haired handsome, cloudy blue color (link to color at bottom); with black stripes and clouded blue eyes
      Personality: quiet; wise; young; mysterious; good leader; hopeful; knows things that most cats don’t
      Rank: Leader
      Shortened Backstory: Born a rogue on the border of the mountain territory, named Courage, he was unusually large, therefore intimidating to other cats. Most cats feared him and the ones that didn’t were his littermates, his mother and father feared him. He didn’t have many friends and even his littermates stayed away cause they had more friends, Courage then decided to challenge the leader of the Mountain group, Courage being younger, faster, and stronger, won, he is now leader of the Mountain group.
      Territory: Mountains

      (If not a rogue he can be leader of a Clan, then he’d be Loststar)

    • Name: Blizzard
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: straight
      Description: strong, thick furred white, cream, and golden she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye. She is missing an ear tip and has three black paws and black face markings.
      Personality: Sassy and headstrong, she can be impulsive and is not afraid to say what she feels, but in times of trouble she always does what she thinks is right. She is also very cunning, and knows how to lure things into traps.
      Rank: fighter
      Shortened Backstory: She was born by the river, but her sister moved to the pine forest to be with her mate, so Blizzard and her brothers went with her.
      Territory: Pine forest

      Name: Pebble
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: straight
      Description: tortoiseshell cream, lavender and golden she-cat with amber eyes.
      Personality: sweet and caring most of the time, is a good fighter and can be very bossy mean when she means business.
      Rank: hunter
      Shortened backstory: She was born by the river, but left to go to the pine forest to be with her mate, and her sister and two brothers came with her.
      Territory: pine forest

      Name: Ripple
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: straight
      Description: silver tabby tom with a black face and ears and blue eyes, missing his left back leg.
      Personality: Kind and respectful, but also adventurous and smart. He loves to swim do to the lack of a leg.
      Rank: hunter
      Shortened backstory: went to the pine forest with his siblings, but he still goes to the river to swim. He was born with a twisted leg that he couldn’t walk on, so eventually he bit it off, and he is still just as good a hunter and fighter as his littermates.
      Territory: pine forest/ river (sometimes)

      Name: Stone
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: straight
      Description: large, sturdy gray tom with yellow eyes who is missing an ear and some of his tail.
      Personality: blunt and impulsive, loves fighting, but still helps his siblings.
      Rank: fighter
      Shortened backstory: went to the pine forest with his siblings, and he got in a fight with some dogs and lost his ear and part of his tail.
      Territory: pine forest
      All littermates

      • All of them have scars, and Blizzard has a very noticeable one one her head, and another one on her back.

  • Name: Robert
    Gender: Male
    Doesn’t have a mate
    Description: Fiery ginger tom with golden splotches on his face, tail tip, forelegs and hind legs.
    Personality: Stubborn, quick tempered, arrogant, protective, friendly and sometimes helpful towards the Clans as long as they aren’t troublesome, skeptical
    Rank: Loner
    Backstory: A tear on his ear and a scar across the chest because of a loner who turned on him, named Gray, who tried to kill him. Gray then ran into the pine forest, never to be seen again. The attack scared Robert into hiding and not trusting many cats.
    Territory: Near a Twolegplace, his den borders the sundrownplace.

  • Name: Redfur
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Has a mate named Skatetail
    Description: Reddish-brown tom with blue eyes
    Personality: kind tom who always tries to do the right thing but sometimes ends up making the situation worse
    Rank: Warrior
    Backstory: Was a loner with two sisters, but both were killed by a badger and we found shelter in the pine forest where he now lives and where he met his mate Skatetail.
    Territory: Pine Forest

  • Name: Crystal
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Description:I’ll send picture soon
    Personality: My personality ;3 , Friendly, Sarcastic, Anxious , Rude, hates crowds
    Rank: Hunter
    Shortened Backstory: She hid her sexuality from her parents and family. 5 moons ago her parents left and haven’t yet returned. They are assumed dead.
    Territory: River

  • Name: Shadow
    Gender: Tom
    Sexuality: bi
    Description: Pitch black tom, and red eyes with golden flakes.
    Personality: Does not trust anyone, is harsh, does not care about anyone, loves being alone, and does not depend on anyone.
    Rank: You choose
    Shortened Backstory: It’s a secret, I don’t trust anyone, so therefore I can’t tell you.
    Territory: Forrest next to a river
    P.s. Can I be a loner, or do I have to be a rogue?

  • Name: Strangefeather
    Gender: tom
    Sexuality: Pan?
    Description: Gray tabby tom with aqua eyes, nicked ears, and scarred paws
    Rank: medicine cat
    Backstory: After an injury that left his paws unable to hunt or fight like a warrior he became a medicine cat
    Personality: Can be a bit grumpy and sarcastic but is kind and wants to heal others. Also, he can be seen as sad at times, but there may be something more to his mental health than that…

  • btw these are Holly and Lion’s kits:

    Name: Crow
    Gender: She-cat
    Sexuality: Questioning
    Description: Long-furred black she-kit with green eyes
    Personality: Eager, energetic, jumpy, excited, skittish, and kinda like a normal kit
    Rank: Kit
    Shortened Backstory: her parents are holly and lion. lion hid crow, whistle, and apple somewhere in an oak tree and then came back to fetch them.
    Territory: Oak Forest

    Name: Whistle
    Gender: Tom
    Sexuality: Questioning
    Description: Pale gray tom with black spots and ears
    Personality: skittish, sky, timid, funny, short-tempered
    Rank: kit
    Shortened Backstory: lion hid crow, whistle, and apple in a hollow tree to keep them safe. holly and lion came back to fetch them afterwards.
    Territory: oak forest

    Name: Apple
    Gender: she-cat
    Sexuality: questioning
    Description: thick-furred pale reddish brown she-cat with white chest and warm amber eyes
    Personality: same as holly. (develop them more once they grow up)
    Rank: kit
    Shortened Backstory: lion hid crow, whistle, and apple in a hollow tree to keep them safe. holly and lion came back to fetch them.
    Territory: oak forest