• That’s awesome! Feel free to submit a campaign speech or anything you like 😁

      • i think i want to run for medicine cat

        my campaign will be short
        “i’m not the best and i can’t obviously heal your physical wounds, but i can heal your mental ones. i can’t be perfect but i can help. as a member of blogclan for over half a year, i’m sure i can make the apprentice army larger and more fun.”

  • Oh, cool! An apprentice army! <3

    May I please ask about the elections here? Thank you! 🙂

    • Ofc! Do you have any specific questions? There is a bunch of info on the previous page if that helps at all 😀

      • 1. What are the positions?
        2. Who’s running?
        3. Who do you vote?
        4. Do the positions have a certain role?
        5. Where do you submit a speech? In a comment?

        Thank you so much! <3

        • aghhh, autocorrect is so annoying!!! I meant “where do you vote”, not “who do you vote”

        • 1. So, the big position available atm is leader. Whoever comes in second in the elections will become second-in-command (I believe, I’m going off of what happened last time). Third command is remaining the same for now. Anyone else who doesn’t become leader will either become a Commander or a High Ranking Soldier.
          2. Stormi, Blizz and Emby atm but anyone is welcome. We won’t officially start anything until the end of July because of Emby’s trip but anyone can go ahead and post speeches now.
          3. It will be done one of two ways which is still being decided. It will either be done in an anonymous poll format or in a ‘reply to this comment with who you want to vote for’ on voting day.
          4. The Leader is responsible for keeping the Army active, advertising, generally being there. The Medicine Cat answers questions and helps the leader with some of their tasks if necessary. 2nd and 3rd in command do various things like being active within the army, coming up with ideas for things like parties or games, on the Discord if someone is breaking a rule they enforce it. Commanders are there to give ideas, constructive criticism, help organize different things and just be a fun person in the Army.
          5. You post it in a comment

          -hope this helped!! 😊

  • I totally realized that I’m doing a really crappy job stepping back from the App Army now that I’m a warrior. After these elections I’ll be taking a much larger step back so that the Army does remain the App Army. I’ll continue to run the Moving-Up party tho as I want it to become an annual thing that happens consistently 😁

  • Hiya, this is my election speech! Most of you have probably heard of me at least once since I’m second in command and I created some of our secret pages, but in case you haven’t, I’m Dawny! Don’t let my name confuse you, I am still an apprentice I just haven’t bothered to give up my April Fools joke despite it being July. In this election, I’m running for medicine cat instead of leader/supreme commander. I’m running for medicine cat this year because I like to be helpful, and because I want to try out a slightly less stressful role since the army is actually pretty decent sized now and I won’t be just leading or co-leading 10-ish apprentices and trying to gather more people. I often get bored and check pages, so I’d have plenty of time to greet members and answer questions. I know that my recent decline in activity might make some of you think I’m unreliable for the job, but I’ve only ever taken large breaks from sites like this once per site, it’s how it is when I join sites, normally. The inactivity was just my hiatus so now I’m ready to return and be involved in BlogClan again.
    [I know it’s kinda dumb, but I just want to make sure everyone is aware that I have patterns for new sites: I join, become slightly involved, become pretty involved, become overwhelmingly involved, slowly or quickly (depending on the site and my determination to check it) drift away from the site for an extended period of time (sometimes I check it during that period, but hardly do anything or don’t do anything at all), realize how much I loved the site, then join back and pace myself for the rest of my time on the site, that way I don’t get bored of the lack of interaction or get overworked]

  • reposting my campaign for medicine cat
    good luck everyone C:

    hai! as you may not know, my name is nightpaw/wish and i’m an apprentice on blogclan. i’m running for medicine cat and i hope i can count on your vote. i’m not the best and i can’t obviously heal your physical wounds, but i can heal your mental ones. i can’t be perfect but i can help. as a member of blogclan for over half a year, i’m sure i can make the apprentice army larger and more fun for all! there are many good candidates out there with amazing talents, but i hope you’ll consider my speech <33 ily all!

  • *Re-post bc it was kinda buried*

    okayyy! so i’m just popping in here to tell you all that I’m gonna be running for the leadership position! C: And I’ll do a quick-ish explanation of why I think I could lead the army better.
    First of all i love emby and she’s been doing a good job of keeping the army running, but school has been taking up a lot of her time so she can’t do as much as she want’s to. Yes she’s out of school, (right now), but when school starts back up she’ll have a busy schedule again. But I’m homeschooled, so I have a lot more free time on my hands and can give more attention to the Apprentice Army. I have the time to post the link daily on the Tavern or wherever else and even do a quick interview of each of the newcomers so I can get to know them better and see if they’ll be loyal and dedicated to the army. If I’m elected then the Apprentice Army will be VERY active I can assure you! Lately there hasn’t been any more growth in the Apprentice Army because literally only the first group of apprentices who found the link that Dawny had been posting are in the Apprentice Army, but I would make sure that our army grows to include almost the whole of blogclan! 😉

    And this is not my final election post! I will be posting that closer to election day when emby is back

  • Hi!
    I’m Mountainpaw, and I’m running for medicine cat! <3
    (If I can run for medicine cat. I’m not sure whenever the only position available is leader or not 😛 )

    I haven't been here all that long, but I know that the apprentices are one of the best members of the blog. Friendly, funny, and sassy, we stand together through sun and storm, supporting each other when we need it. You advice, kindness, and helpfulness really help me through bad days, and now I'd like to give back. Obviously, I can't heal real wounds, but I will try my best to heal physically ones, and help all of you through difficult times. Let it be hard math problem you need advice on, or our future leader needs help with something- I'll try my best to be here to help. I promise. 💖💖💖

    I wish the best of luck to other people running! You're all amazing and will make wonderful leaders/medicine cats! Good luck!

    Feel free to ask me any questions! 🙂

  • Hi everyone! So Emby is back as you might know and actually appointed me as leader instead of going through with the election <3 it was on the App Army discord server so i'm telling those of you who don't have discord.
    Emby will go into more detail about this soon but I love you all and I am super excited to be your leader!! 💜

  • Hi! The Apprentice Army has been considering creating a new high rank and appointing someone to be a mediator! If you think that someone would be well-suited for this role, post their name in the comments! Thank you!

    (also I promise that I’m not an infiltrator, Lil sent me :D)