• Okay. I came as soon as I heard!
    Firstly, congratulations to everyone who ran for the high ranks. It was absolutely wonderful to see all the amazing speeches we were getting and all the fabulous apprentices getting involved!
    And of course, congrats to our winners Loonsong, Flinty, Snowo (I’m so proud of u :’)) and Pilot!! Y’all made great choices.
    And of course, as former and retired mediator, I’d like to say that it was a pleasure and honour to serve the apprentice army as the peacekeeper. I know that my successor Pilot will do a just as amazing job, because they’re a delightful cat and friend of mine and a lot of yours as well. I trust that the future disputes of the army will be resolved by our fantastic new mediator and that they’re in good paws ✨

    I will, of course, still hang around, however inactive I may seem, and I’m always open to meeting new people and having a chat! Though Discord would be a more effective way to reach me 😉
    Again, congratulations to everyone!! 🐾 🥳

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