About Kate

Kate PictureHello. My name is Kate Cary. I’m proud to say that I wrote the first Warriors book ever, Into the Wild. Along with Victoria Holmes – our wonderful editor and creator of all the Warriors stories – and Cherith Baldry, I have continued to write under our shared pseudonym, Erin Hunter.

Writing for Warriors is a great privilege and delight and I love to bring Victoria’s stories to life.

This blog has grown over the years as Warriors fans have sought it out and joined together to create what I fondly refer to as “BlogClan”. I try to post as often as I can, but with a full-time career, it’s not always easy. I rely on BlogClan to comment and post their wonderful articles and fan fiction. This blog is more your blog than mine. Please feel free to join us.

I always read comments before they are posted because I’m very protective of my Clan (and very nosy!). I look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, check out my FAQ first; it answers a lot of Important Questions (and some unimportant ones too.)

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